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Faro International Airport

There’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to arriving at or departing from the Wizz Air FAO Terminal, then be it about knowing the pre-boarding procedures and heading towards the boarding gates or arriving at the terminal and retrieving baggage from the carousels. This information helps passengers right from the moment they step into the airport, till they complete all the required procedures for getting onto the plane. 

An Insight to What Terminal is Wizz Air at FAO

Wizz Air uses Terminal 1 at Faro International Airport (FAO) for its arrivals and departures. 

Airport NameFaro International Airport
Airport CodeFAO
Wizz Air Faro International Airport TerminalTerminal 1
Wizz Air FAO Address8006-901 Faro, Portugal
Wizz Air FAO Contact No+351 289 800 800
Working Hours24 hours a day
Wizz Air Official Websitewww.wizzair.com
Wizz Air YouTubewww.youtube.com/@WizzAir
Wizz Air Facebookwww.facebook.com/wizzair
Wizz Air Twittertwitter.com/wizzair
Wizz Air Instagram Accountwww.instagram.com/wizzair

Wizz Air FAO Terminal Arrivals

Wizz Air operates its arrivals from Terminal 1 at Faro International Airport. Here, services such as baggage claim carousels, restaurants, shops, seating areas, emergency medical services, etc are available. 

Wizz Air FAO Terminal Departures 

Wizz Air uses the Terminal 1 for its departures at Faro International Airport. Here, services such as several check-in counters, security checkpoints, immigration and customs (if applicable) etc are available. 

Offered Services by Wizz Air Terminal at FAO

Wizz Air ensures to give passengers an easy and comfortable time at the airport’s terminal, ensuring both safety and security all along. Some of the offered services by Wizz Air Terminal at FAO includes the following: 

  • There are counters for passengers to check in for their flights.
  • Convenient drop-off baggage points are for checked baggage.
  • Quick and convenient kiosk for independent check-ins. 
  • Check-in lanes for high class passengers and elite members.
  • Efficient security procedures to ensure safety before departure.
  • Real-time updates on departure gates, flight statuses, etc.
  • Customs and Immigration Facilities for international travellers.
  • A variety of options ranging from quick bites to sit restaurants.
  • Shopping outlets offering a range of products including travel essentials
  • Free Wi-Fi or internet access to stay connected while waiting for flights.
  • Charging Stations or Charging outlets for electronic devices such as mobile.
  • Designated spaces for children to play and unwind at the airport’s terminal. 
  • Facilities catering to families with young children such as restrooms and baby care.
  • Accessible Restrooms designed for individuals with reduced or limited mobility. 
  • Services for exchanging currency before or after international travel at the airport.
  • Convenient access to cash withdrawal services including ATMs and Banks. 
  • Proper assistance for locating lost items/delayed/damaged bags within the terminal.
  • Pet Relief areas or designated spaces for travellers with pets to ensure their comfort.
  • Access to medical assistance in case of emergencies or otherwise at the terminal.
  • Assistance with lost or delayed baggage inquiries, airport directions, signage, etc. 
  • Convenient carts and trolleys for transporting luggage within the airport’s terminal. 
  • Services for passengers requiring language interpretation before or after their flight.
  • Travel Information Desks for providing information about flight and facilities.
  • Assistance for Disabled Passengers or services for passengers with special needs.
  • Trained staff ensuring passenger safety and security at the airport and in-flight.
  • Flight Connection Services to assist passengers with connecting flights.

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Want to book a reservation with Wizz Air at FAO Terminal 1?

The Wizz Air FAO Terminal has ticket counters with airline personnel on hand at each one. Visit these counters if you want to book a flight with Wizz Air. The available personnel will provide you with information regarding the available seats in flight and will assist you throughout the whole process. Keep your travel documents handy at all times, along with any other essential documentation, if you plan to book a flight with Wizz Air. In order to have a better experience, please contact the airlines for further information about reservation policies.

Cancel your reservation with Wizz Air FAO Terminal

Wizz Air terminal at FAO provides passengers the facility to cancel their reservations, in case of any last minute changes or if they no longer require to fly with the airline. It’s crucial to keep in mind that voluntary cancellations often lead passengers to pay a hefty amount of compensation or penalty to the airline. In the event, where the airline cancels the flight and the passenger’s further plans are disrupted, he or she may proceed with the cancellation and receive a full refund of their unused portion of the reservation. 

Upgrade seats with Wizz Air and Fly with Comfort, Luxury, and Entertainment

Long-haul flights are the perfect times for passengers to upgrade their seats since they provide more comfort, luxury, legroom, and improved in-flight entertainment options. When making a flight reservation or once you arrive at the airport’s terminal, you can choose to upgrade your seat. You may find out more about the cost of switching from your regular class to an upgrade with Wizz Air by calling the airline directly or by visiting their official website.

Wizz Air Baggage Permitted on flights to or from Faro International Airport Terminal 1 

With a generous baggage allowance provided by Wizz Air Faro International Airport Terminal, travellers can bring their needs on flights to domestic or foreign locations. It is advised to contact Wizz Air’s customer support to learn more about your specific baggage allowance because it completely depends on the fare type you purchased or the location you are travelling to. You may avoid last-minute disappointments and delays at the airport by doing this.

Check-in for your Wizz Air Flight departing from FAO Terminal 1 

Wizz Air Faro International Airport terminal Departures is equipped with airport check-in counters as well as self-service kiosks. This helps the passengers to arrive early at the airport and complete the pre-boarding procedures to retrieve their boarding passes. Whilst there are personnels available at the counter check-in to assist the passengers, check-in at the self-service kiosks can be done independently. It’s better to arrive at least three hours prior to international departures and two hours prior to domestic departures for completing the process on time. 

Receive Instant help and assistance at the Information Counters of Wizz Air 

Wizz Air FAO terminal Arrivals and departures have designated help desks or information counters, which assist the passengers at any given point of their confusions and perplexities. These counters will assist you with anything and everything related to your air travel with Wizz Air, then be it about knowing the upgrades, accessing the exclusive lounges, heading to another terminal for a connecting flight or simply getting to the boarding gates.

Lost & Found Service for dealing with delayed/damaged/lost Baggage Issues 

Unfortunately, there are instances where passengers frequently misplace their baggage, get faulty luggage, or have their luggage delayed. They can get in touch with Wizz Air’s lost and found department directly in any of the aforementioned situations. The personnel will make every effort to find your misplaced goods and return your luggage to you. They will help you with the situation and provide you instructions if your luggage is delayed or damaged.

Assistance for Travellers with Special Needs or Physically Impaired Passengers 

Wizz Air FAO terminal Departures understands the individual needs of the travellers. Being said that, the airline offers special assistance such as wheelchair assistance, stretcher assistance, escorts for physically impaired passengers, and so much more. This service ensures a happy and safe travel for all the passengers alike. To avail special assistance, the co-passenger of the needy or the guardians can book it during the time of reservation. Additionally, they can avail it via contacting the airlines at last 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. 

Pet Travel Services for travellers willing to fly with their Four-Legged Friends 

Wizz Air terminal at FAO understands how hard it is to leave your pets behind when you are travelling to another city or country,  which is why it offers pet travel services. This service allows you to carry your pets along in flights, as cargo or as carry-on, depending upon the weight and size of your pets. It’s important to note that not all pets are allowed on Wizz Air flights but only a certain breed. To get more information on the pet travel services of Wizz Air, please get in touch with the airline directly at the airport’s terminal. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service for assisting the children travelling with Wizz Air 

Unaccompanied minor services are available to youngsters flying alone on Wizz Air flights at the Wizz Air Faro International Airport Terminal. This service is available to minors travelling alone, without an adult, a parent, or a guardian. This service not only relieves the parents of the minor but also makes sure that the minor is looked after before, during, and after he disembarks the aircraft. The cost of this service must be paid when purchasing your airline ticket, and it must be requested at that time.

Faro International Airport Map : Navigate with Ease

Recent Inquiries! 

What terminal is Wizz Air at FAO?

Wizz Air uses the Terminal 1 at the Faro International Airport.

Where are Wizz Air FAO terminal Arrivals?

Wizz Air uses the Terminal 1 at the Faro International Airport for handling its arrivals. 

Where are Wizz Air FAO terminal Departures? 

Wizz Air operates its departing carriers from the Terminal 1 at the Faro International Airport. 

Are there information desks at Wizz Air Faro International Airport Terminal? 

Yes, there are designated information desks available at the Wizz Air FAO terminal. 

What services are available at the Wizz Air terminal at FAO?

Services such as ticket counters, seat upgradation options, special assistance, unaccompanied minor service, ATMs and banks, currency exchange, wifi or internet access, etc are available. 

What is Wizz Air’s check-in policy at the FAO Terminal 1?

Wizz Air offers both online and offline check-in options such as counter check-in or self-service kiosk check-in as well. 

How early should I arrive at the airport for my Wizz Air flight from FAO?

It’s advisable to arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight, at least 2-3 hours before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights, and 3-4 hours for international flights. 

Can I make changes to my Wizz Air booking at the FAO Terminal 1?

Yes, you can make changes to your booking at the airport by getting in touch with Wizz Air’s staff present at the airport’s terminal. 

Is there a Wizz Air customer service desk at the Faro International Airport Terminal 1?

Yes, Wizz Air have customer service desks available at the Faro International Airport to assist passengers with any queries or confusions regarding their air travel. 

Is there wifi or internet connectivity at the Faro International Airport terminal of Wizz Air?

Yes, Wizz Air’s terminal at the FAO offers passengers internet or wifi connectivity for accessing important emails or texts. 

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