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One crucial aspect that demands your attention as you prepare for your Spirit Airlines flight at Orlando International Airport, is Terminal information. The procedure from check-in to boarding can be seamless and trouble-free when you are armed with the accurate details. This guide to Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal aims to shed light on the significant terminal information, minimising confusion and ensuring a smoother travel experience. Whether you are a frequent flyer or new to air travel, the following sections will aim on providing you with a successful air journey with Spirit. So, let’s get ahead and keep you well-informed about your Spirit Terminal at MCO.

Levels at Spirit MCO terminal

Terminal A at Orlando International Airport consists of the following levels: 

  • Level one: The first level provides passengers access to ground transportation including, Car Rentals and 8A baggage claim area. The USO welcome centre is also located.
  • Second level: The second level is the pickup point for rideshare applications. Here, the baggage claim with Carouses 1 to 16 can be found.
  • Third level: This is the ticketing area, divided into two sections: ticket counters and boarding gates. Services such as food and retail concessions, restrooms, bars, and restaurants, lounges, nursing rooms, currency exchange services, etc. 
  • Boarding gates 1 to 29 on Airside 1 is located to the west. 
  • Boarding gates 100 to 129 on Airside 2 is located to the east by APM. 

It’s important to keep in mind that there are separate security checkpoints for both airsides.

  • Spirit Airlines Orlando terminal arrivals: Spirit Airlines uses Terminal A at Orlando International Airport for handling its arrivals. 
  • Spirit Airlines Orlando terminal departures: Spirit Airlines operates its departures from Terminal A at Orlando International Airport.

Available Services at Spirit Airlines Orlando Airport 

Below mentioned are some available services at the Spirit Airlines terminal of Orlando International Airport: 

Restaurants and foodShops and stores Wifi/Internet Access
ATMs and Banks Interfaith Chapels Information desks
Lost and foundLuggage storage Postal services 
Aviation authority Pet relief area Passport control 
Art program Airport hotelAirline lounges 
Child care rooms Kids play areaCharging stations 

List of Every Spirit Airlines Terminals Globally

Lounges at Spirit Airlines Terminal MCO

Airline lounges are available to eligible passengers travelling with Spirit Airlines from Orlando International Airport’s Terminal A. The passengers travelling on business or first class tickets, or passengers who are members of the frequent flyer club program, etc can access these lounges and enjoy the benefits that they provide. The lounges are as follows:

  • The Club at MCO
  • USO Welcome Center

Ways to Transfer between Spirit Airlines Orlando terminal 

The passengers can transfer between the terminals at Orlando International Airport by using the Automated People Mover (APM). This allows passengers access to the Main terminal and to the Airside Satellites 1 to 4.

  • Travel time: It depends upon the location or airside you are headed to.
  • Location: The APM Station is situated on Level 3 of the Main Terminal. 

Insight to Spirit Airlines Orlando Airport Terminal 

If you’re flying with Spirit Airlines from Orlando International Airport, you’ll need to head to Terminal A. This departure terminal has dedicated areas for check-in and safety checkpoints, and is often used for departure operations (located on Level 3), which can help speed up the boarding process.

Airport NameOrlando International Airport
Arrivals TerminalsTerminal A
Departures TerminalsTerminal A
Airport AddressOrlando International Airport, Orlando, Florida, USA
CountryUnited States
Airport Time ZoneAmerica/New_York

Spirit Airlines Reservations and Cancellations at MCO 

Managing Spirit Airlines reservations and cancellations at Spirit departure terminal MCO is a convenient process designed to cater to travellers’ needs. The airline provides an intuitive online platform for booking flights and making adjustments, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Passengers can select from various fare options that align with their preferences and budget, each offering distinct amenities. 

Cancellation policies are contingent on the chosen fare class, providing the possibility of refunds or travel credits. For personalised assistance, MCOs Spirit Airlines service desk is on hand to address queries. Familiarising yourself with the specific booking terms guarantees a smooth journey with Spirit Airlines to and from MCO. 

Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance at Orlando Airport 

Spirit Airlines baggage allowance at Spirit baggage claim Orlando Airport adheres to the airline’s distinct policies. Passengers are entitled to bring one personal item on board, such as a purse or small backpack, which must fit under the seat. However, for carry-on luggage that goes in the overhead bin, specific fees apply. Checked baggage fees vary depending on factors like the route, time of booking, and fare type. 

To avoid extra charges, it’s recommended to familiarise oneself with the airline’s baggage regulations prior to the trip. Being informed about Spirit Airlines’ baggage policies at Orlando Airport ensures a smoother check-in and boarding process.

Spirit Airlines Check-in Counters at Orlando Airport 

At Spirit Airlines terminal MCO, Spirit Airlines offers dedicated check-in counters to facilitate a smooth and efficient boarding process. Travellers can easily locate these counters in the terminal area designated for Spirit Airlines. The counters are staffed by airline representatives who assist passengers with check-in procedures, baggage drop-off, and any inquiries related to their flights. 

Utilising these check-in counters ensures that passengers can complete necessary formalities and receive any needed assistance before proceeding to the departure gates. It’s recommended to arrive at the airport with ample time before the flight to make the check-in process hassle-free at Spirit Airlines’ dedicated counters at Orlando Airport.

Pet Travel Services at Orlando Airport 

Spirit Orlando terminal provides pet travel services to accommodate passengers flying with their furry companions. The airline allows small pets, including cats and dogs, to travel in the cabin with their owners, subject to certain guidelines and fees. Passengers should make arrangements for their pets’ travel during the booking process and ensure compliance with the airline’s pet policy, which includes proper carriers and health documentation. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service at MCO

Spirit Airlines Orlando international Airport offers an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service to ensure the safe and smooth travel of children aged 5 to 14 who are flying alone. The UM service provides special assistance and supervision for young travellers during their journey. Parents or guardians must make arrangements for the service during the booking process and comply with Spirit Airlines’ specific guidelines. Upon arrival at MCO, parents or guardians should check in their child at the designated Spirit Airlines counter.

Additional Services at Orlando Airport 

Spirit Airlines Orlando airport terminal offers a range of additional services to enhance passengers’ travel experience:

Lost and Found Desk

Spirit Airlines Orlando terminal arrivals and departures terminal operates a dedicated Lost and Found desk to assist passengers with retrieving misplaced items. Located within the terminal, this service aims to reunite travellers with their belongings left on Spirit flights or within the airport premises. Passengers who have lost items can approach the desk to report their loss and receive guidance on the recovery process. The Lost and Found desk at MCO serves as a reliable resource, helping to alleviate the stress of losing items during travel and ensuring a more seamless journey with Spirit Airlines.

Special Assistance 

Spirit Orlando terminal is committed to providing comprehensive special assistance services to make your travel experience smooth and comfortable. Whether you require wheelchair assistance, specific seating accommodations, or support for travelling with service animals, Spirit got you covered. It’s important to inform the airlines in advance about any unique needs, such as medical equipment or communication requirements, so we can ensure everything is well-prepared for your journey. With our dedicated team and personalised assistance, you can navigate MCO with confidence, knowing that Spirit Airlines is here to make your travel as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Benefits of Flying To and From Orlando Airport with Spirit Airlines 

Flying to and from Spirit Airlines Orlando terminal offers passengers numerous benefits that enhance their air travel experience:

  • Spirit is known for its competitive fares, providing budget-friendly options for travellers to and from Orlando.
  • Spirit offers a wide range of destinations from Orlando, allowing you to explore various places conveniently.
  • Spirit operates numerous flights to and from Orlando, providing flexibility in choosing departure and arrival times.
  • Spirit allows you to tailor your travel experience by choosing from a variety of fare options, amenities, and services.
  • The airline offers non-stop flights from Orlando to several popular destinations, saving you time and hassle during your journey.

In conclusion to what terminal is Spirit at MCO, must remember that Spirit Airlines operates at Terminal A of Orlando International Airport (MCO). This dedicated terminal ensures a smoother and efficient travel experience for Spirit passengers, with check-in counters, security procedures, and boarding gates conveniently located within the terminal. Whether you’re departing from or arriving at MCO, Terminal A is where you’ll find Spirit Airlines, ready to provide you with a comfortable and an enjoyable journey to your chosen destination.

Spirit Airlines MCO Airport Location Map

MCO – Orlando International Airport Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Spirit at MCO?

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal A at MCO. 

What terminal is Spirit arrivals at MCO?

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal A for its arrivals at Orlando International Airport. 

Is Spirit terminal A or B at MCO?

Spirit Airlines is Terminal A at Orlando International Airport. 

What terminal is Spirit departures at MCO? 

Terminal A is used by Spirit Airlines for its departures at MCO. 

Where are Spirit Airlines Orlando terminal departures?

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal A at Orlando International Airport for its departures. 

Where are Spirit Airlines Orlando terminal arrivals?

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal A at Orlando International Airport for its arrivals. 

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