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Boston Logan International Airport

Alaska Airlines is one of the renowned airlines in the aviation industry, which operates flights to several domestic and international destinations. The terminal it uses at Boston Logan International Airport is evidence of the airline’s commitment to excellence in service. If you have your next scheduled arrivals or departures with Alaska Air at this airport’s terminal, you should be aware of all that it has to offer. At Alaska Airlines BOS Terminal has got something for all of its passengers.

  • Alaska Air Boston Terminal Arrivals: Alaska Airlines operates its arrivals at Terminal B of Boston Logan International Airport. At this point, travelers can locate baggage claim carousels, food and beverage outlets, shopping malls, family restrooms, charging stations, etc. for their convenience.
  • Alaska Air Boston Terminal Departures: Alaska Airlines uses Terminal B for its departures at Boston Logan International Airport. Here, several check-in counters, self-service kiosks, security checkpoints, airport lounges, baby care facilities, departure gates, special assistance, etc. are available for travelers.

Sections at Alaska Airlines BOS Terminal

Alaska Airlines BOS Terminal consists of two sections or levels, each of which caters to the different requirements of travelers. The sections are as follows:

First Section

The first level is the baggage claim and arrivals area, divided between the South and North buildings. It is connected by several walkways. Passengers who wish to use transport can find it in between the walkways.

The transportation options include Courtesy Bus, Silver Line, Blue Line, Scheduled Bus, Taxis, Charter Bus, Shuttle Bus, Shared Vans, etc. There are numerous pick-up points for getting onto any of the mentioned transport. 

Additionally, the passengers can find the following gates at this section, which includes:

  • Left Exit Doors: B113-117
  • Right Exit Doors: B110-107
  • Central exit doors: B111 / B1112

Level 2

The next section is the check-in area, which handles departures from Alaska Airlines along with some other leading airlines. Just like the first section, this level is also divided into South and North sides. Check out the allocation below: 

  • Level 2 North Side: Boarding gates B37, B38, B30-38, and B29-21 are at the North Side, along with Security checkpoints. 
  • Level 2 South Side: Boarding gates B4-B14, B1-B3, and B15-B29 are at the Southside along with Security checkpoints.

Terminal B is home to Airmail Boston, where several modern and advanced services/amenities are found, especially the top-notch food eateries and bars.

Effortless Inter-Terminal Transport at Alaska Terminal Boston Logan

All the passenger terminals in Boston Logan Airport are connected via the Massport Shuttle Bus. In addition, there are walkways connecting Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal E. The shuttle is available to passengers 24 hours a day, with a frequency of five to six minutes. You can find the Massport Shuttle Bus station at the lower level of each passenger terminal. 

It transports to the following routes: 

  1. Shuttle Bus 22: Terminals A and B, Rental Car Centre, and the Subway Station. During middays, it runs only on the peak hours.
  2. Shuttle Bus 33: Terminals C and E, Rental Car Centre, and Subway Station. During middays, it runs only on the peak hours.
  3. Shuttle Bus 55: All passenger Terminals, Rental Car Center, and the Subway Station. It runs during early morning and late evening off-peak hours.
  4. Shuttle Bus 66: All passenger Terminals, LOC, Water Transportation Dock, and the Subway Station.
  5. Shuttle Bus 11: All passenger Terminals, excluding the Subway Station. 
  6. Shuttle Bus 88: All passenger Terminals and Economy Parking Garage.
Note: The passengers can also use the SILVER LINE BUS RAPID TRANSIT which not only connects passengers to the terminals but also to the downtown area. This service is free to use for all passengers and connects to the South Station Rail and Bus Terminal via Waterfront. 

Exclusive Alaska Airlines Logan Terminal Airport Lounges

The lounges at the Alaska Airlines terminal of Boston Logan International Airport offer a range of exclusive services to passengers. Although Alaska Airlines does not have a dedicated lounge at Boston Airport’s Terminal B, it is still served with two other airline lounges, as follows: 

  • United Airlines United Club: It offers complimentary snacks, wifi, drinks, newspapers, magazines, TV, etc to the passengers. 
  • American Airlines Admirals Club: It is open from 4 in the morning till 8:30 at night. It offers services such as snacks, drinks, wifi or internet, showers, TV, etc. 
Keep in Mind: These lounges are not accessible to all passengers. There a certain eligibility criteria for entering the lounges, about which you can inquire at the customer service desk of Alaska Airlines. 

Exceptional Travel Experience at Alaska Airlines Boston Logan Terminal

Apart from the airport lounges, Alaska Airlines offers a wide range of amenities or services to its passengers, regardless of the destination they are traveling to and the class type they are flying in. So, if you want to start enjoying your time right from the terminal itself, here are the opportunities that you may seek: 

Food and Beverage OutletsShops and StoresWi-Fi and Internet Access
Kidport Wings for Autism ProgramPublic Art Program
Lost and Found Dept.Hotel AccommodationsChapels 
Luggage StorageHydration StationsNursery 
SmarteCarteFamily Restrooms Reservation Desks 
Shoe Shine Service Changing Rooms Check-in Counters
ATMs and Banks Spa Facilities Security Checkpoints 
Pet Relief Area Public Telephone AccessDeparture Gates
Unaccompanied Minor Special Assistance Information Counters
Customer Service DeskFlight Information DisplaysLuggage Carts 

List of Every Alaska Airlines Terminal Globally

Your Step-by-Step Alaska Airlines Guide for Boston Logan Terminal

Alaska Airlines uses Terminal B at Boston Logan International Airport. Terminal B is a furnished facility that handles both the arrivals and departures of Alaska Air, along with some other renowned airlines.

Airport NameBoston Logan International Airport
AirlineAlaska Airlines
Official Website of Alaska
Boston Logan Airport AddressEast Boston, MA 02128
Alaska Air Boston Logan Airport Arrivals TerminalTerminal B
Alaska Air Boston Logan Departure TerminalTerminal B
Alaska Airlines Ticket Counter HoursDaily 24 Hours
Airport Contact Number(800) 235-6426
Gate LocationTerminal B, Gates B35A & B36

Encounter a trouble-free booking experience at Alaska Air Boston Logan Terminal

Alaska Airlines offers reservation services through the ticket counters or reservation desks located specifically at the Logan Airport Alaska Airlines Terminal. There are airline personnel available to assist passengers with their booking-related queries and to provide the best deals, offers, and discounts, associated with it. You can head towards these desks along with the necessary travel documents and the accepted mode of payment for booking a flight with Alaska Airlines from Boston Logan International Airport.

Cancel your Alaska Air reservations at Boston Logan if the plans change instantly

Travel plans often change due to unfortunate circumstances, for which you are required to cancel your reservations. At the Alaska Airlines Boston Terminal, the passengers can cancel their flights if they no longer wish to fly. The airline representatives will assist and inform you about their cancellation policies including the refund or compensation you are entitled to. Make sure to review the airline’s policies first whenever you are heading to cancel a flight, this will help you make the right decision.

Explore various Seat Upgrade options by Alaska Airlines at Boston Logan Terminal

At the Alaska Airlines Logan Terminal, travelers can upgrade seats for their next scheduled departure. Alaska Air offers numerous options including first-class upgrades, guest upgrades, and premium-class upgrades. There are fees associated with upgrading seats, about which you can inquire at the information counters. If you wish to have an enhanced travel experience and look forward to flying with additional services, extra and spacious legroom, complimentary meals, and snacks, then move forward with the upgrades during the time of check-ins. 

A quick guide to Alaska Airlines Baggage rules and policies at Boston Logan Airport

Alaska Terminal Logan offers a generous baggage allowance to all its passengers, allowing them to carry their essentials without any hassle. However, the allowance may differ and depend upon several factors such as the destination, fare type, etc. if we talk about the general baggage rules of Alaska Air, then you may look at the table for reference: 

Baggage TypeBaggage AllowanceAssociated Fees
Carry-on Bag1Free 
Personal Item1Free
1st Checked Bag50lbs, 24″ x 16″ x 9″$30
2nd Checked Bag50lbs, 24″ x 16″ x 9″$40
3rd Checked Bag50lbs, 24″ x 16″ x 9″$150

Convenient Check-in methods by Alaska Air at its Boston Logan departures terminal

The Logan Airport Alaska Airlines Terminal is equipped with airport check-in counters and self-service kiosks. Both options are viable for the passengers and can be accessed after their arrival at the departures terminal. At the airport check-in counters, there are personnel available to assist with the procedure. However, at the self-service kiosks, the passengers can independently check-in for their flights. 

Alternatively, Alaska Airlines offers online check-in options to the passengers, which may be available at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure. For more information about the check-ins, it’s best to get in talk with the customer service desk of Alaska Airlines.

Locate Alaska Airlines Information counters/help desks for seeking immediate assistance

There are tons of basic but essential things to keep in mind for smooth and trouble-free air travel with Alaska Airlines Logan Terminal. To make sure that you depart or arrive without any worries, there are dedicated information desks of Alaska Airlines, offering help, assistance, and answers to the passengers’ queries. So, doesn’t matter if you want to inquire about the reservations, or check-ins, or simply need the signage to get to another location within the airport, you can head to the information counters, raise your queries, get assistance, and leave the destination satisfied.

Travel with your pets on Alaska Air flights to and from Boston Logan Airport’s Terminal

Alaska Airlines allows small pets, dogs, and household birds on its flights from the Boston Logan International Airport. However, there are certain rules, regulations, and restrictions attached to pet travel that the passengers ought to follow. At the Alaska Airlines Departures Terminal, the passenger should keep in mind that their pet isn’t a disturbance to other passengers neither at the airport nor in flight. You can refer to the following table for a general idea.

SizePet Carrier SizeCarrier Dimensions
Extra Small10021″ x 16″ x 15″
Small20027″ x 20″ x 19″
Medium30032″ x 22″ x 23″
Large40036″ X 24″ x 26″
Extra Large50040″ x 27″ x 30″

Recover your lost luggage, and receive assistance in the event of delayed and damaged luggage

Travelers who encounter baggage-related issues can locate lost & found counters of Alaska Airlines. The personnel available at these desks will help you reunite with your luggage in case of lost items, provide assistance in case of delayed items, and report your issue in case of damaged luggage. Regardless of what circumstance you are in, it’s better to get in talk with the lost and found department, as only they can help you with such issues. For more information or further assistance, please visit the official website of Alaska Airlines. 

Enhance your air travel experience with Alaska Air’s Special Assistance at Boston Logan Airport

Every passenger has the right to travel with comfort, which is why there is special assistance provided to needy travelers on flights to and from the Alaska Airlines Logan Terminal. This service includes wheelchair assistance, stretcher assistance, unaccompanied minor service, and other kind of assistance for physically disabled passengers or passengers with limited mobility. To avail of special assistance, any responsible adult or passenger can book this service well ahead of time. This allows the airline staff to arrange the required facility and be available right on time upon your arrival at the airport’s terminal. 

Ensure a safe air journey for your minor with Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service

Unaccompanied Minor service is provided at the Alaska Airlines Boston Terminal for minors traveling in the absence of their parents, guardians, or any other responsible adult. This service needs to be booked in advance to arrange an escort for your child. This allows you to have peace of mind and your child to have additional care during his journey with Alaska Airlines. Unaccompanied Minor service is a must for children traveling alone with Alaska Airlines. To know about the associated fees, rules, and restrictions attached to this service, please connect with the customer care representatives of Alaska Airlines. 

List of Destinations Covered by Alaska Air from Boston Logan Airport

From the Alaska Airlines Logan Terminal, the airline covers a wide range of domestic and international destinations such as:

Seattle – Tacoma IntlTed Stevens Anchorage Intl.
O’Hare Intl.San Francisco Intl.
Los Angeles Intl.San Diego Intl.
Portland Intl.Juneau Intl.
Norman Y. Mineta San Jose Intl.Spokane Intl.

Convenient Mode of Transport To/From Alaska Airlines Boston Terminal

Boston Logan International Airport is well-connected to various modes of transportation. You can use taxis, ride-sharing services, or airport shuttles for convenient travel to and from the Alaska Airlines terminal. Additionally, there are public transportation options such as buses and the MBTA Blue Line subway, providing easy access to the airport. It’s recommended to choose the mode of transport based on your location, budget, and travel preferences.

Park Your Vehicles : Available Parking Options at Alaska Airlines BOS Terminal

At the Alaska Airlines Logan Terminal, there are three terminal parking garages equipped with covered moving walkways for easy access to the terminals. The central parking lot, as its name implies, sits at the airport’s center and is connected to all terminals via bridges. Terminals B and E each have their own parking garages located adjacent to the respective terminals. The parking rates remain consistent across these three garages.

First hour$8
1 – 2 hours$21
2 – 3 hours$26
3 – 4 hours$30
4 – 7 hours$34
7 – 24 hours$38
1 day and 0 – 6 hours$57
1 day and 6 – 24 hours$76
Each additional day$38
Additional days 0 – 6 hours$19

Economy Parking

You can locate economy parking just a little distance from the passenger terminals. If you want, you can take the free shuttle which runs from all the terminals at Boston Logan and helps you reach the parking lot within 10 – 20 minutes.

First hour$8
1 to 2 hours$20
2 to 3 hours$22
3 to 4 hours$25
4 to 24 hours$29
1 day and 0 to 6 hours$44
1 day and 6 to 24 hours$58
Each additional day$29
Additional days 0 to 6 hours$15

Pick-up or Drop-off Parking at BOS

Boston Logan International Airport provides a convenient cell phone waiting lot just a 5-minute drive from the terminals. It’s ideal for friends or family waiting to pick up passengers. The lot offers free parking for up to 30 minutes, but vehicles must not be left unattended. You can find the lot at the intersection of Hotel Drive and Service Road.

When the passenger is ready for pick-up, vehicles can proceed to the arrivals level for curbside pick-up. Alternatively, short-term parking is available in all terminal lots for a fee.

Hotel and Off-site Parking

Several off-site lots provide affordable parking options, starting at $15 per day, which is a cheaper alternative to the high airport day rates. Additionally, there are hotels offering accommodation and parking packages, which can be booked through platforms like

Parking spaces for passengers with disabilities are accessible in all terminal parking garages and the economy parking lot. Furthermore, shuttle services serving the economy parking lot are wheelchair accessible for the convenience of disabled passengers.

Boston Logan International Airport Terminal Map Location

Understanding the Basics!

Where does Alaska fly out of Boston?

Alaska Airlines flies to a number of domestic and international destinations from Boston.

Can you walk between terminals at Logan?

Yes, the passengers can walk between terminals at Boston Logan International Airport.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at Logan Airport?

Alaska Airlines operates its flying carriers from Terminal B at Boston Logan Airport.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines arrivals at Logan Airport?

Alaska Airlines uses Terminal B for its arrivals at Logan Airport.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines departures at Logan Airport?

Alaska Airlines uses Terminal B for its departures at Boston Logan Airport.

Are there any airport lounges at Alaska Airlines Boston Logan Terminal?

Yes, there are two airport lounges located at Alaska Airlines Boston Logan Terminal which are United Airlines United Club and American Airlines Admirals Club.

What services or amenities are offered by Alaska Airlines at Boston Logan?

Several services such as reservations, check-ins, restrooms, flight information displays, restaurants and food, lounges, special assistance, parking facilities, etc are available at the Alaska Airlines terminal of Boston Logan Airport.

What is the means of Inter-terminal transportation at Boston Logan Airport?

Travelers can use the Massport Shuttle Bus and the Silver Line Bus rapid transit to transfer between the terminals at Boston Logan Airport.

How can I book Special Assistance with Alaska Air for a flight from Boston Logan?

The passengers are required to book Special Assistance by getting in touch with Alaska Airlines’s customer care representatives present at the Boston Logan terminal.

Are there ticket counters for Alaska Airlines at Boston Logan Airport’s terminal?

Yes, Alaska Airlines operates dedicated reservation desks or ticket counters to help passengers with the booking procedure at Boston Logan International Airport.

Is Alaska Airlines at Terminal A or B at Boston Logan International Airport?

Alaska Airlines uses Terminal B at Boston Logan International Airport and not Terminal A.

What are the lost and found protocols of Alaska Airlines at Boston Logan Terminal?

Travelers are required to report their issues to the lost and found department if they seek help regarding lost, delayed, or damaged luggage. 

How long does it take to get through customs at Logan Airport for an Alaska Airlines flight?

It may take up to 45 minutes to go through the customs procedure for your Alaska Airlines flight at Boston Logan International Airport.

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