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There’s so much to keep note of whenever we plan an air travel with Volotea, which often leaves us perplexed about where to start. To help you ease the planning process, we have outlined this article about Volotea KGS Terminal. It contains all the crucial information about the airline’s terminal, its facilities and amenities, how to get and what to expect at the airport’s terminal, and so on. 

Volotea KGS Terminal Arrivals

Volotea uses Terminal 1 at Kos International Airport for handling its arriving carriers and providing passengers an easy way out of the boarding gates. This terminal is equipped with some basic to modern amenities including, baggage claim carousels, food outlets, family restrooms, charging stations, car rental services, accommodations, etc. 

Volotea KGS Terminal Departures

Volotea uses Terminal 1 at Kos International Airport for its departures. This is the starting point for passengers embarking on a journey with Volotea. At this point, there are several check-in counters, security checkpoints, self-service kiosks, and other such services important for completing the pre-boarding procedures. 

Services at Volotea Kos International Airport Terminal

Volotea provides multiple services at its terminal, to ensure that the requirements of the passengers are being timely fulfilled. Some of the available services includes the following: 

  • Flight check-in and baggage drop related assistance. 
  • Lost, damaged, and delayed baggage inquiries. 
  • Support and guidance through the customs process. 
  • Support and guidance through immigration process. 
  • Information regarding the checkpoints and security process. 
  • Access to lounges for receiving exclusive facilities/amenities.
  • Flight information displays for getting info on flight schedules. 
  • Information and alerts regarding the gate changes for Volotea. 
  • Proper assistance for boarding planes and seating arrangements. 
  • Help with purchasing tickets, seat upgrades, and manage itinerary.
  • Transportation options such as car rentals, shuttles, and bus services. 
  • Currency exchange, bank related service, ATMs, and forex facility. 
  • Lost and found counters for reporting lost items or baggage at the terminal.
  • Access to medical facilities and first aid for emergencies. 
  • Priority boarding service for families travelling with children.
  • Internet access/wifi connectivity for accessing important mails, texts, etc. 
  • Parking garages with short and long term parking facilities.
  • Special assistance for passengers with reduced mobility, physically impaired passengers, handicapped passengers, or passengers in need. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Volotea KGS Terminal

Volotea uses Terminal 1 at the Kos International Airport for its arrivals and departures. 

Airport NameKos International Airport
Airport CodeKGS
Airport AddressAntimachia 853 02, Greece
TerminalTerminal 1
Volotea Contact Number+30 2242 056000
Volotea Ticket Counter Hours24 hours
Volotea KGS terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Volotea KGS terminal departuresTerminal 1
City NameKos
Volotea Official Websitewww.volotea.com
Official Twittertwitter.com/volotea
Official Facebookwww.facebook.com/Volotea
Official Instagramwww.instagram.com/volotea
Official YouTubewww.youtube.com/@Volotea

List of all Volotea Airlines Terminal Globally

Volotea Ticket Reservations 

The passengers willing to fly with Volotea can book reservations on the official airlines’ website. In addition to that, the passengers can also contact third party travel agencies to book on their behalf. To get the best deals and offers on reservations, and to ensure a flexible travel afterwards, contact the customer care representatives of the airlines. 

Volotea Ticket Cancellations 

The passengers wanting to cancel Volotea reservations due to any reason can do so by using the same method as they used for booking a ticket. It’s important to note that cancellations often arrive with a compensation fee or a penalty, which the passenger has to pay to the airlines. Depending upon the cancellation policy, the passenger will either be entitled to a compensation fee or a full refund of their unused portion of the ticket. 

Volotea Compensations and Refunds 

In case the passengers do not adhere to the rules and guidelines put forth by Volotea, he or she may have to pay compensation. This can be for anything, such as carrying excess baggage, not following the airport restrictions, and so on. The refunds are only given back to the passenger in case they don’t use their ticket and the reason for the same passes the policy check of the airlines. It’s better to contact Volotea for getting the most up to date information. 

Volotea Baggage Allowance 

Volotea KGS Terminal offers a generous baggage allowance to all its passengers, regardless of the class they are flying in. However, the more upper class you book yourself, the more baggage allowance you are entitled to. There are certain size and weight restrictions attached with the baggage being carried by the passengers. 

Volotea Check-in Options 

Volotea Airlines offers several ways to check-in for Volotea KGS terminal departures. Online check-in can be done at the official website of Volotea by clicking on the check-in online option, entering the booking confirmation number and your surname. The other alternative is to check-in at the airport check-in counters or self-service kiosks, upon your arrival at the airport. Ensure to arrive at least 2 hours prior to domestic flights and three hours prior to international flights, in order to complete the procedures on time. 

Volotea Track Flight Status 

There are flight information displays available at the airport’s terminal to inform passengers regarding the flight schedules. The passengers looking forward to having real-time information regarding the arriving flights or departing flights with Volotea, can track the same through this display. In addition to that, there are displays providing information about the gate changes, in case any for the departures. 

Volotea Information Desk

There are designated information counters at the Volotea KGS terminal arrivals run by the Airlines representatives. These personnels help passengers with their air travel related queries including, reservations, check-ins, information about lounge access, signage at the airport to reach the right boarding gate. In case you get confused at any given point of your presence at the airport, feel free to reach out to the information counters available. 

Volotea Lost & Found 

It’s unfortunate but the passengers often have to deal with circumstances where they lose their items or baggage at the Volotea terminal at KGS, where their baggage is delayed, and where they receive damaged baggage. To help passengers deal with such issues and provide assistance for the same, there are designated lost and found counters at the airport’s terminal. As soon as you get under such a situation, all you have to do is reach out to the persons available at these counters, report your issue, and wait for them to resolve your issue. 

Volotea Pet Travel 

Volotea welcome your four-legged friends onboard with open arms, ensuring that both, you and your pet, fly with ease and comfort. Small cats and dogs aged at least 8 weeks, are allowed to travel with Volotea. The pet along with the pet carrier, in whole should not weigh more than 10 kgs. For more information on Voltea Airlines pet travel services, please contact the airlines or visit their official website. 

Volotea Unaccompanied Minor 

Volotea KGS Terminal offers unaccompanied minor travel facility to serve the minors travelling alone, either domestically or internationally. This service ensures that your child is assisted throughout the process, right from completing the pre-boarding procedures to disembarking the plane after reaching his/her destination. This service needs to be booked at the time of reserving a ticket with Volotea, or by contacting the airlines afterwards. 

Ways to Contact Volotea terminal at KGS

To contact Volotea at the airport’s terminal, you can proceed with the following:

  1. Visit the Volotea Check-In Counter: There are check-in counters for Volotea. You can approach the counter to speak with airline representatives for assistance.
  2. Use the Self-Service Kiosks: The airport provides self-service kiosks where you can check in, print boarding passes, and get in touch with airline staff for support.
  3. Customer Service Desks: There are customer service desks or information desks. These desks can assist you with general airline inquiries or help you contact Volotea.
  4. Call Customer Service: You can also call Volotea’s customer service number. This information is usually available on their website or on your booking confirmation.
  5. Mobile App and Website: Volotea may have a mobile application, where you can access customer support, check-in, or manage your booking.
  6. Social Media: Volotea, have active social media profiles. You can send them a message or tweet for assistance if needed. 

Benefits of Flying with Volotea KGS terminal 

Flying with Volotea offers several benefits to the passengers. These benefits make Volotea a good choice for travellers looking for affordable and convenient flights across Europe. The benefits includes: 

  1. Volotea often provides budget-friendly ticket options, making travel more accessible.
  2. They serve many European cities, allowing you to explore various places easily.
  3. Volotea offers direct flights, reducing travel time and hassle.
  4. You can choose your seats, so you can sit where you prefer.
  5. Their staff aims to provide friendly and helpful service for your flight.
  6. Volotea offers options to modify your booking if your plans change.
  7. Depending on your fare, you may enjoy in-flight snacks and drinks.
  8. You can select several baggage options, whether you’re packing light or bringing more.
  9. They strive for on-time departures and arrivals to keep your schedule smooth at the Volotea Kos International Airport Terminal

Location Map Aéroport international de l’île de Kos (KGS)

We believe that now you are aware of what terminal is Volotea at KGS, as this article contains all the crucial aspects of flying with the airlines. If you seek any further assistance or have queries that need our attention, please feel free to reach Volotea on the contact information mentioned. For any suggestions and feedback, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment on the comment box. 


Where is Volotea KGS Terminal?

Volotea is at the Terminal 1 of the Kos International Airport.

What terminal is Volotea at KGS?

Volotea uses the Terminal 1 at Kos International Airport. 

Where are Volotea Airlines KGS terminal arrivals?

Volotea uses the KGS Terminal 1 for its arrivals. 

Where are Volotea KGS terminal departures?

Volotea uses the KGS Terminal 1 for its departures.  

What services are offered at Volotea Kos International Airport Terminal?

Reservations, seat upgrades, check-in counters, restrooms, lounges, restaurant and shops, internet access, medical facilities, etc services are available at the KGS terminal.

Does Volotea terminal at KGS allow pet travel?

Yes, Volotea terminal at KGS allows for pets to travel on its flights to and from. 

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