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Passengers always want air travel free of hurdles or obstacles, so they start planning for it quite a long time before. However, gathering information related to Shandong Airlines XNN Terminal is essential to ensure they do it right. It helps them plan a journey and have a step-by-step guide to complete the pre-boarding procedures on time. The crucial about Shandong Airlines is that the Chiang Mai International Airport and Terminal 1 allow for seamless travel.

Shandong Airlines XNN terminal arrivals

Shandong Airlines uses the Terminal 1 for its arrivals at the Chiang Mai International Airport.

Shandong Airlines XNN terminal departures

Shandong Airlines uses the Terminal 1 for its leaves at the Chiang Mai International Airport. 

Assistance by Shandong Airlines terminal at XNN

Shandong Airlines provides its passengers with a wide range of facilities at the XNN Terminal 1. Some of the facilities are as follows: 

ATMs and BanksLuggage Storage Unaccompanied Minors 
Currency Exchange ServiceSelf-Service Kiosks/MachineSeat Upgrades and Changes 
Family RestroomsAirport Check-in CountersRetail Shops and Stores
Child Care ServicesLuggage Trolleys/CartsFood and beverage Outlets
Ticketing CountersLost & Found DepartmentMobile Charging Stations 
Cancellations and Refunds Information Counters/DesksMedical/Emergency Service
Check-in Options Exceptional Care/AssistanceBaggage Wrapping 
Wifi and Internet AccessDeparture/Boarding GatesFlight Status Trackers 

List Of All Shandong Airlines Terminal Worldwide

What terminal is Shandong Airlines at XNN?

Shandong Airlines uses the Terminal 1 of the XNN. It handles arrivals and departures of the airlines, offering passengers a range of amenities and services. 

Airport NameChiang Mai International Airport
Shandong Airlines XNN AddressG2HR+596, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, Haidong, Qinghai, China, 810502
Airport CodeXNN
Shandong Airlines XNN Contact No+86 971 813 3333
Shandong Airlines XNN terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Shandong Airlines XNN terminal departuresTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Official Shandong Airlines
Shandong Airlines Facebook
Shandong Airlines Instagram

1. Use the ticketing counters of Shandong Airlines to Book a Flight Reservation. 

Passengers can use the ticketing counters of Shandong Airlines to book a flight reservation or to manage their booking with the airlines. Please visit the reservation desks along with your required travel documents and accepted mode of payment. The airline staff will assist you with seat availability and ensure you get your preferred seat to your preferred destination. For more information, an in-person communication with the personnels available will be best. 

2. Cancel your Flight Tickets at the Shandong Airlines Chiang Mai International Airport Terminal 1 

Travel plans can change anytime, so Shandong Airlines allows passengers to cancel their reservations. You can visit the airlines’ ticket counters with your travel details and ask airline personnel to cancel your ticket. They will assist you with their cancellation policy and inform you if you are required to pay any cancellation fee or penalty to the airlines. You may be entitled to refund your unused portion of the ticket if your cancellation meets the airline’s policy.

3. Check-in using Self-Service Kiosks and Airport Check-in Counters of Shandong Air.

The airport check-in counters and self-service kiosk machines are two options for passengers who want to check in for their scheduled departure with Shandong Airlines. Passengers should arrive at the airport three hours before departure to complete the check-ins and other pre-boarding procedures. For further information or assistance at the airport, airline associates are available. Alternatively, passengers can also check in using the official website of Shandong Airlines. 

4. Upgrade your Shandong flight ticket/seat and fly with comfort, convenience, and luxury. 

Seat upgrades are one of the many best options that allow you to have air travel worth every penny because it offers you more comfort and luxury at the same time. You can upgrade seats during the time of reservation, or you ca apply for an upgrade during the check-ins. Seat upgrades will offer extra legroom, spacious seating, in-flight entertainment, additional services and facilities, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Grab an upgrade for an enhanced travel experience with Shandong Airlines. 

5. Locate Shandong Airines’ Information Counters: Seek help or assistance regarding your air travel.

Whether you require a step-by-step guide to complete your pre-boarding procedures or need assistance to avail of any specific services, Shandong Airlines information counters are readily available to help you out. So, as soon as you require assistance, locate the information counters by following the signage at the airport, talk with the airline associates, and see how they can help you. The information counters are your one-stop spot to seek immediate assistance and answers. 

6. Lost & Found Department: Get Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage Assistance from Shandong Airlines.

The lost and found department of Shandong Airlines helps passengers with their lost, delayed, and damaged luggage. Suppose you encounter such a situation during your arrivals or departures at the XNN Terminal 1. In that case, it’s best to locate the lost and found department and report your issue to the staff available. They will consider the matter and assist as soon as possible. 

7. Generous Baggage Allowance for all passengers flying with Shandong Airlines from Chiang Mai International Airport 

Shandong Airlines offers a generous baggage allowance to its passengers flying from the Chiang Mai International Airport Terminal 1. It allows passengers to plan and pack their belongings accordingly. The baggage allowance also depends upon certain other factors, like the class you are traveling in or the location you are flying to. So, check the baggage policies according to the same and ensure that you follow the rules and regulations of the airline. 

8. Pet Travel Services for passengers who want to travel with their four-legged friends on Shandong flight 

Shandong Airlines allows small pets, such as cats and dogs, from the XNN Terminal 1 to multiple destinations on its flights. It will enable passengers to carry their four-legged friends to wherever they like unless the destination they are traveling to doesn’t allow pet travel. You must book pet travel well in advance during your reservation so the airline staff can make the necessary arrangements and book your pet on the flight. There may be charges associated with pet travel, about which you can extract information from the airlines. 

9. Book your child traveling alone under Unaccompanied minors given by Shandong Airlines. 

Shandong Airlines offers Unaccompanied minor service to passengers traveling without their parents or any other legal guardian/adult. The person responsible for the minor should book this service well before the scheduled departure, allowing the airlines to arrange it during the trip. For more information on Unaccompanied Minor Service, please contact the airline staff at the airport or visit the official airline’s website. 

10. Special Assistance: Available to travelers who require additional care and assistance during the trip

Special assistance includes a wheelchair, stretcher, escort assistance, etc, to help passengers in need during their air travel. The airline staff provides this service for passengers who have mobility issues, are handicapped, or require additional care and assistance. If you, your co-passenger/family member, need this service, please book it during the reservation or anytime before your scheduled departures. 

Available Parking Options at Shandong Airlines terminal of the Chiang Mai International Airport 

Several parking options are available at the Shandong Airlines terminal of the XNN, allowing the airlines to park their vehicles without any hassle or trouble. If you want to drive to the airport, you can locate the parking options and book a place. You can contact the airport authorities or visit the information counters to get help with the parking options. Nevertheless, some of the choices you can find at the airport are as follows: 

  • Valet Parking
  • Reserved Parking
  • Short-term Parking
  • Long-term Parking 

Ground Transportation Available from Shandong Airlines Terminal 1 Chiang Mai International Airport

The XNN Terminal 1 is a modern terminal equipped with inter-terminal transportation. Also, passengers can locate several ground transportation options outside the airport’s terminal. This allows travelers easy access to and from the airport and other city activities and attractions. Options such as car rentals, buses, taxi services, and public and private transportation are readily available for travelers and residents.

Shandong Airlines (XNN) Chiang Mai International Airport Location Map

Queries Answered!

What terminal is Shandong Airlines at XNN?

Shandong Airlines is at the Terminal 1 of the Chiang Mai International Airport .

Which is the Shandong Airlines XNN Terminal?

Shandong Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the Chiang Mai International Airport.

Where are Shandong Airlines XNN terminal arrivals?

Shandong Airlines arrivals take place at the XNN Terminal 1.

Where are Shandong Airlines XNN terminal departures?

Shandong Airlines uses the Terminal 1 of the Chiang Mai International Airport for its arrivals.

What services are offered by Shandong Airlines terminal at the XNN?

Ticketing and cancellation services, check-in options, seat upgrades, unaccompanied minors, pet travel, special assistance, etc, are offered to passengers at the XNN Terminal 1.

 Does Shandong Airlines provide wifi and internet services at the Chiang Mai International Airport?

Yes, Shandong Airlines offer wifi and internet services to the passengers at the Chiang Mai International Airport. wifi and internet access to the passengers.

Is Shandong Airlines at the Terminal 2 or the Terminal 1 of the Chiang Mai International Airport?

Shandong Airlines operate flights to and from the Terminal 1 of the Chiang Mai International Airport (XNN).

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