Qatar Airways MAD Terminal – Adolfo Suarez Madrid–Barajas Airport

Adolfo Suarez Madrid–Barajas Airport

Wondering how to get to Qatar airways MAD terminal but don’t know how to do it? Well, this particular article will ensure that you get the right details at the right time for your next trip with Qatar Airways to either a domestic location or to an international one. 

Qatar Airways terminal at (MAD) guide will help you navigate the terminal instantly by getting you accurate information about various services including, reservations, cancellations,  refunds, baggage allowance, pet travel policies, and so much more. 

Qatar airways (MAD) terminal arrival

Qatar Airways operates its arrivals at Terminal – 4, (MAD) helping the passengers with all their requirements at the area, which is pre-equipped with all the facilities to suit your preferences. From dining to shopping, from restrooms to business centres, the area provides you with exactly what you want at the moment to help you fulfil your needs and tasks.

Qatar airways departure terminal (MAD)

Qatar Airways operates its departing carriers from Terminal – 4 at (MAD). The departures terminals are equipped with several check-in counters and require passengers to go through the check-ins or screening process to board their scheduled departing flights. Furthermore, the departure terminal leads passengers to their designated assigned gates. 

Basic Services for passengers at terminal Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport

The Terminal – 4 at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport is a well-designed terminal, which is spacious and consists of all the facilities for the passengers to have a comfortable and seamless experience. Some of the basic services you can find at this particular airport’s terminal are as follows: 

  • ATMs
  • Banks 
  • Restrooms 
  • Business centre
  • Medical office 
  • Interfaith chapel
  • Food and Dining 
  • Restaurants and Cafes 
  • Currency Exchange
  • Self-service Check-ins
  • Immigration and Customs 
  • Seat Upgradation Service 
  • Information Counters/Desks 
  • Ticket Counter for Booking 
  • Lost & Found Department
  • Delayed and damaged baggage service

A complete list of Qatar Airways terminal worldwide

In-depth guide to Qatar Airways at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Terminal – 4

Qatar Airways operates out of the Terminal – 4, which is one of the few passenger terminals available at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport. The passengers can find ample seating space to relax at the airport, if they have got enough time before the flight departs from the destination. 

Airlines Name Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport
Qatar Airways (MAD) Arrival TerminalTerminal – 4
Qatar Airways (MAD) Departure TerminalTerminal – 4
Airport AddressAv de la Hispanidad, s/n, 28042 Madrid, Spain
Distance From New York City20 km
Qatar Airways Contact Number1 (877) 777-2827

Facilities by Qatar Airways at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Terminal – 4

Below mentioned are some of the services which you get quick access to in order to fly with Qatar from Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Terminal – 4. Qatar gives you an easy hand on all the faculties that it provides by ensuring that you always have an alternate choice to make then be it for the reservations or the check-ins. 

Book Qatar Airways Ticket 

Qatar gives you multiple ways to book your reservation with the airlines, the options include online, offline at Qatar airways (MAD) terminal or via a third party website. Online reservation can be done through the official website of Qatar Airways, if the passenger wants to get booked at the ease of their homes. Secondly, there are designated ticket counters of Qatar at Terminal – 4, (MAD) which have airline representatives present at your services 24/7. These representatives will book you a reservation upon providing the details and required fees. Thirdly, the passengers can also book Qatar Airways tickets via a third party travel agent. 

Cancel Qatar Airways Ticket 

Just like reservations, cancellations can also be done in several ways. The passengers can cancel their tickets with Qatar on their official website, at Qatar Airways terminal at (MAD) ticket counter, or by the agent who booked you the ticket at first. Nevertheless, no matter what option you go with, you may be entitled to pay a compensation or cancellation fee for voluntarily cancelling your flight with the airlines but if your reason for cancelation is valid enough which required your attention and presence, then you may also be entitled to a full refund of the unused portion of your ticket. 

Upgrade Qatar Airways Seat

Terminal for Qatar airways in (MAD) allows passengers to select their preferred class during the time of booking but if they wish to do it after booking then it’s preferable to visit the dedicated counters at the airport’s terminal, provide your reservation details, pay for an upgrade, and confirm your seat. Qatar’s seat upgrades give you more comfort and relaxation during your journey whilst the staff provide you extra attention and additional services during your flight which includes, complementary meals and beverages, private cabins, extra legroom with headrest, and more. 

Qatar Baggage Allowance

Qatar’s baggage allowance varies depending upon the class type or the destination. However, the basic allowance for the class types and to all the destinations is as follows:

Economy Class baggage allowance: 

Class TypesFlights to all destinationsFlights to and from Africa or America Hand Baggage Allowance
Economy Lite 20 kg1 piece 23 kg1 piece 7 kg 
Economy Classic25 kg 2 piece 23 kg each1 piece 7 kg 
Economy Convenience30 kg 2 piece 23 kg each1 piece 7 kg 
Economy Comfort 35 kg2 piece 23 kg each1 piece 7 kg 

Business Class Baggage Allowance:

Class TypesFlights to all destinationsFlights to and from Africa or America Hand Baggage Allowance
Business Lite 40 kg2 piece 32 kg each2 piece 15 kg each
Business Classic40 kg 2 piece 32 kg each2 piece 15 kg each
Business Comfort40 kg2 piece 32 kg each2 piece 15 kg each
Business Elite40 kg 2 piece 32 kg each2 piece 15 kg each

First Class Baggage Allowance: 

Class TypesFlights to all destinationsFlights to and from Africa or America Hand Baggage Allowance
Business Lite 50 kg 2 piece 32 kg each2 piece 15 kg each

Qatar Pet Travel Policy

(MAD) Qatar airways terminal will accept your domesticated pets on their flying carriers such as dogs, cats, and birds as checked baggage in your flight or in a separate flight, depending upon the rules and regulations of the country you are travelling to. In order to ensure that your pets travel with you, please contact the airlines at least before 48 hours of your scheduled departure time. Although Qatar allows service dogs in cabins at zero costs as they are disciplined and trained dogs, it’s still crucial to double check with the airlines because not all countries allow service dogs. Furthermore, to submit the request, you can fill out an online form on the official website of Qatar.

Qatar Lost & Found Service

The lost & Found desk of Qatar airways (MAD) terminal allows passengers to seek assistance regarding their lost items, damaged baggage or delayed baggage at the airport’s terminal or any other location within the airport. It has come under notice that the passengers often encounter such situations, which is why there are designated lost & found counters available at airports. This allows passengers to contact the desk, provide information about the baggage, seek assistance, or reunite with their baggage as soon as possible. 

Qatar Unaccompanied Minor Service 

Qatar Airways terminal at (MAD) will provide proper assistance to your unaccompanied minor travelling from Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport. The unaccompanied minor service is available for passengers aged between 5 to 15 years and to avail this service there are additional charges. Upon arrival of your child at the airport, you will directly hand him/her over to our staff who will accompany him further throughout the boarding process, in flight, and till your child reaches the final location. 

Ground Transportation Options at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Terminal – 4

There are multiple ways to reach Qatar Airways (MAD) terminal and access other locations as well. So, if you are outside the airport, you can use taxi services, car rentals, private transportations, public transportations, rideshare services, or any sort of transport options available in the city. These options will help you reach the terminal on time for your departing flight. Additionally, if you are arriving at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Terminal – 4 you can use the airport’s transportation systems such as the automated people mover to reach the outer area of the terminals. 

Qatar Airways Lounge (MAD) Terminal – 4

Qatar Airways lounges at (MAD) Terminal – 4 allows passengers to relax in comfort and in style before their flights. Nevertheless, the passengers should note that not all of them are eligible to enter the lounges, only eligible passengers of a preferred class type are allowed to enter and take in the advantages the lounge has to offer. For passengers who aren’t eligible but wish to access the lounge, they can pay the required amount of money and get the details from a Qatar Airlines representative about the same. 


This guide can act as a go-to-resource for travelers who seek a journey full of comfort and efficiency, right from arriving at the airport to leaving for the destination, till reaching the destination. The terminal for Qatar Airways at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport is always mentioned on the confirmation email and on your reservation ticket as well, but it’s still better to cross check with the airlines in case of any end moment changes. 

Qatar Airways MAD Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions:

What terminal is Qatar Airways at (MAD)?

Qatar Airways operates from Terminal – 4 at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport. 

What terminal is Qatar arrivals at (MAD)?

Qatar arrivals takes place at Terminal – 4, (MAD).

What terminal is Qatar departures at (MAD)?

Qatar departures takes place from  Terminal – 4, (MAD).

What are the transportation options available within the airport?

To transfer between terminal at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, the passengers can either choose the walkway or the automated people mover. 

Are there any car rental services available to and from Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Terminal – 4?

Several car rental companies have desks located outside of the terminal at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport to provide passengers easy access to the city.

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