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LaGuardia Airport

With a focus on enhancing passenger’s experience, Jetblue Terminal LaGuardia Airport has come a long way. As a gateway to the city and rest of the surrounding regions, this airport intends to make the traveller’s experience worth every penny. However, to make sure that things happen your way; flawless and trouble-free, it’s significant that you have all the necessary information for flying with Jetblue Airlines.

A Closer Look at LGA Airport’s Jetblue Terminal

Jetblue uses Terminal B for its arrivals and departures at LaGuardia Airport. Serving as a pivotal gateway to not only the vibrant city of New York but also to the surrounding regions. 

Airport NameLaGuardia Airport
Airport AddressQueens, NY 11371
Airport CodeLGA
Contact Number(212) 435-7000
LaGuardia Airport Jetblue Terminal ArrivalsTerminal B
Jetblue LaGuardia Departure TerminalTerminal B
Working Hours24 hours
Official Jetblue

Jetblue LaGuardia Arrivals Terminal

Jetblue Airlines uses Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport for its arrivals. After you have disembarked the plane, you can proceed towards the baggage claim area designated for your flight and retrieve your checked baggage, if any. For international arrivals, it’s necessary to undergo immigration and customs procedures at Jetblue’s LGA Terminal. 

Jetblue LaGuardia Departure Terminal 

Jetblue Airlines uses Terminal B for its departures at LaGuardia Airport. Depending upon your flight type or personal preferences, you can check-in through the various methods available. After checking-in, be prepared to go through security checkpoints in order to access the boarding gates for your scheduled departure with Jetblue. 

Sections at LGA Airport Jetblue Terminal 

Locate all the sections within Jetblue Terminal LaGuardia Airport: 

  1. Arrivals Level: This level primarily serves incoming passengers. Here, you can locate the baggage claim area, various transportation options, and a central food court.
  1. Departures Level: The Departures Level is dedicated to departing passengers and the check-in process. It is divided into different concourses, each of which features its own security checkpoint. These concourses are as follows:
  • Concourse A: Concourse A consists of a total of 19 gates, numbered 42 to 59.
  • Concourse B: Gates B1 to B8.
  • Concourse C: Gates C1 to C14.
  • Concourse D: Gates D2 to D10.

Within these concourses, passengers will find a wide range of services, including a hotel, a food court, and a VIP lounge.

  1. Upper Level: The Upper Level offers additional amenities, such as a VIP lounge, dental services, and a first aid station. 

Jetblue LGA Airport Terminal Services/Amenities 

Jetblue is Renowned for providing a comprehensive range of top-tier services that aim to enhance the travel experience of the passengers. From seamless check-ins to onboard amenities and beyond, below are the array of services that Jetblue proudly offers at LGA: 

Counter check-in In-flight wifiCustoms facility 
Self-service kiosksIn-seat power outlets Customer service counters
Baggage handling Onboard dining options Lost and found departments
Baggage tracking Unaccompanied minor servicePassport control facility 
Priority security screening Pet travel options ATMs for cash withdrawal 
Airport loungesFlight status updatesBank related services 
In-flight entertainment Flight delay notificationsChildren’s play area 
Premium cabin options Gate change information Immigration services 
Wifi connectivity Special assistance serviceMedical/emergency service 
Charging stations Connecting flight assistance Damaged baggage assistance

List of Every JetBlue Airlines Terminal Globally

How to Effortlessly Transfer Between Terminals at LaGuardia 

LaGuardia Airport provides a convenient and complimentary bus service for seamless transfers between its terminals. These buses operate on various lines, ensuring that passengers can swiftly navigate the airport’s facilities. The buses are available around the clock, offering frequent departures with waiting times generally ranging from 8 to 15 minutes, guaranteeing that travellers can move between terminals with ease regardless of the time of day or night. 

Unveiling the Gateway to Luxury at Jetblue

The passenger’s ultimate gateway to luxury at LaGuardia Airport’s terminal is the Lounges, where comfort meets convenience. Whilst specific class passengers can access these lounges, the other class passengers can contact Jetblue for knowing the procedure of accessing the lounges, which are as follows: 

1. The Centurion Lounge

2. United Airlines United Club

3. Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge

4. American Airlines Admirals Club

Receive an Unforgettable Booking Experience with Jetblue at LGA

There are ticket counters available at the Jetblue Terminal at LaGuardia Airport, through which the passengers can make quick and easy reservations of their choice. The personnels available at these counters will inform you about the available seats on flights, along with other necessary factors related to it. Upon your approval, the airline representative at the counter will book a reservation on your behalf. 

Change of Plans at LGA? Know How to Cancel Jetblue’s Reservation

Jetblue understands that unforeseen circumstances may occur at any given time, which is why it provides the facility to cancel reservations at the Jetblue Terminal LaGuardia Airport. There are several reasons which may lead the traveller to cancel his/her booking. However, the cancellations are often attached with a compensation fee, as per the guidelines of Jetblue’s cancellation policy. In addition to that, cancellations may also be eligible for a full refund, on certain class tickets. For more information, please reach out to Delta’s customer care service. 

Explore Jetblue’s Seat Upgrade Options at LaGuardia Terminal 

Jetblue is known for prioritising the traveller’s comfort, convenience, and safety, all of which are visible through the seat upgradation options it provides at LaGuardia Airport Jetblue Terminal. Seat upgrades offer several advantages including, extra legroom with more seating space, additional entertainment options, complimentary meals and snacks, etc. So, if you look forward to an upgrade with Jetblue, you can do so either during the time of reservation at the ticket counter or at the airport check-in counters, during your pre-boarding procedure. 

Baggage Allowance

Jetblue LaGuardia Airport Terminal offers its departing passengers a generous baggage allowance, ensuring that they are able to carry their essentials along with some extras. The Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra and Mint Fares are allowed to bring one carry-on bag and a personal item. The former should not exceed the dimensions 55.88cm*35.56cm*22.86cm and the latter should not exceed the dimensions 43.2cm*33cm*20.32cm. Looking forward to carrying checked baggage as well? Contact Jetblue and see how they can help you. 

Convenient Check-in

The travellers can find several methods to check-in for their scheduled departure at/with the Jetblue LaGuardia Departure Terminal. The options include, airport counter-check-in with the help of an airline personnel and self-service kiosk check-in for independently completing the procedures. Additionally, if the passengers run late, due to any circumstances, and don’t have enough time to stand in check-in lanes at the airport, they can conveniently do the procedure online, either by visiting the official website of Jetblue or at their mobile application. 

Locate Help Desks for Finding Assistance from Jetblue at LGA 

How to book a reservation? Flight is cancelled by Jetblue, how to apply for a refund? Cannot find my boarding gate, where to get help with the directions? How to check-in? How to access the lounge? How to upgrade seats? The questions keep on coming, don’t they? The only saviour you’ve got for such situations and many others is the help desks available at the Jetblue terminal of LGA Airport. These are equipped with experts waiting to help you at any given time, provide assistance for any issue, and ensure that your plans aren’t interrupted. 

Explore the World with Jetblue’s Pet Friendly Policy for Flights from LGA  

One of the first and foremost concerns of travellers who cannot leave their pets behind at home is “does Jetblue allow for pet travel on its flights to or from LGA?” Well, yes, Jetblue’s pet-friendly policies allow you to carry your four-legged companions with you, either as carry-on or as cargo, depending upon the size, weight, and certain other aspects. To get a clear insight on how this policy works, check out the details on the official Jetblue website, or better, contact them via phone or email. 

Lost and Found

Lost items/things at the Jetblue Terminal LaGuardia Airport, receiving damaged baggage, and not receiving the baggage at all; these are some of the multiple situations people come across whenever they are covering an air travel. In order to provide assistance for the same, Jetblue Airlines have designated lost and found counters/departments/desks where you can report such an issue and receive immediate assistance. Whether you are an arriving passenger or a departing one, you can contact the persons available here. 

Receive Exceptional Care with Jetblue’s Special Assistance Service at LGA

Either you are looking for this service at the Jetblue LaGuardia Arrivals Terminal or at the departures terminal, when you request for special assistance, you are sure to get it on time. So, whenever you are making a reservation with Jetblue, ensure to inform the airlines prior to your scheduled departure about the kind of special assistance you or your family member/friend may need. This will help the airline to be prepared ahead of time and be readily available with the asked equipment or assistance at the airport. 

Ensure a Safe Travel for Young children with Jetblue’s Unaccompanied Minor Service

Situations occur when young children need to travel alone then be it for any purpose but keeping in mind the safety of minors, Jetblue Airlines do not allow young ones to travel alone on their flights. So, it becomes necessary for the parent or guardian of the passenger to book their child unaccompanied minor service. By accessing this service, the young passenger will get assistance right from the moment he/she steps foot at the airport, till he reaches his final destination. Contact Jetblue for knowing the fees associated with this particular service. 

List of Destinations

Now that you are aware of what Terminal is Jetblue at LaGuardia Airport, it will be beneficial for you to know about the destinations it covers. The locations are as follows: 

TampaAtlanta Jacksonville 
West Palm BeachBermuda Nashville 
Fort MyersBoston Nassau 
Portland Charleston New Orleans
Sarasota Denver Orlando 
Nantucket Fort Lauderdale Savannah 

On the Go: Rent a Car from Jetblue Terminal at LGA Airport

To reach the airport from the city and to reach the city’s locations from the airport, the traveller will need ground transportation. From outside the passenger terminals at LaGuardia Airport, there are several car rental companies located, providing passengers affordable fares to a number of locations nearby. You can contact the following car rental companies: 

  1. Alamo
  2. Avis
  3. Budget
  4. Dollar
  5. Enterprise
  6. Hertz
  7. National
  8. Payless
  9. Sixt 
  10. Thrifty

Parking Services

The travellers who drive themselves to the airport and need to access the parking areas can look at the LaGuardia Airport Jetblue Terminal directions available in the area. There are two kind of parking options available at the location, which are as follows: 

On-Site Parking Options 

Type of Parking Rate of ParkingLocation of Parking
Valet Parking JetBlue Terminal GarageStarts at $45 per day
Short-term ParkingJetBlue Terminal GarageStarts at $10 per day 
Long-term Parking LaGuardia Airport Parking FieldStarts at $18 per day

Off-Site Parking Options 

Available ParkingContact Numbers 
Bolt Parking718-414-2479
Aloft & Ibis Hotel718-751-6456
LaGuardia Marriott718-565-8900
Airpark Airport Parking System718-898-8400

Overall, Jetblue has left no stone unturned when it comes to offering the best passenger services to the travellers at LaGuardia Airport. Depending upon your preferences, you can locate any assistance right on time, leaving unnecessary hassle behind. 

LGA Airport Terminal Location Map

Your Questions Answered

What terminal is Jetblue at LaGuardia Airport?

Jetblue uses Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport.

What terminal is Jetblue in LaGuardia Airport?

Jetblue operates out of Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport.

Is Jetblue at Terminal A or Terminal B at LGA?

Jetblue is located at Terminal B of LaGuardia Airport.

Where are the LaGuardia Airport Jetblue Terminal Arrivals?

Terminal B handles the arrivals of Jetblue at LaGuardia Airport.

Where can I find the LaGuardia Airport Jetblue Terminal directions?

There is signage available at the LaGuardia Airport’s terminal for easy navigation.

How can I recover my lost item at the Jetblue Terminal LaGuardia Airport?

You can report your lost item to the lost and found department of Jetblue at LGA.

To how many locations does Jetblue Fly from LaGuardia Airport’s terminal?

Jetblue operates regular as well as seasonal flights to a number of locations from LGA.

What is the inter-terminal transport at Jetblue Terminal at LaGuardia Airport?

The travellers willing to navigate the terminals at LGA can use the bus service available.

Which of the three passenger terminals at LGA is Jetblue’s departure terminal?

Out of the three passenger terminals at LaGuardia Airport, Jetblue uses Terminal B.

What are the parking options available at the Jetblue LaGuardia Airport Terminal?

Valet parking, short-term parking, long-term parking, Bolt parking, AirPark airport parking, are some of the options available to passengers to park their vehicles at LaGuardia Airport.

Are there car rental companies located at the LaGuardia Airport Jetblue Terminal?

Yes, there are several car rental companies offering transportation to and from LaGuardia Airport.

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