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Knowing what terminal to go to for your Azur Air flight at the Chelyabinsk Airport is as essential as availing any required service during your air travel. The minor factors contribute to your overall travel experience, making it worth the effort, time, and money spent. So, whenever you are flying next with Azur Air CEK Terminal 1 of the airport, ensure that you know everything about your arrivals or departures, whether it be about the check-in counters, lounges, information desks, or baggage claim carousels. 

Azur Air CEK Terminal Arrivals

When arriving at Chelyabinsk Airport, Azur Air uses Terminal 1.

Azur Air CEK Terminal Departures

At the Chelyabinsk Airport, Azur Air departs from Terminal 1.

Azur Air Terminal at CEK Amenities 

Passengers will enjoy air travel even more when they find exposure at the CEK Terminal 1 of Azur Air because it will fulfill the passenger’s airport and in-flight requirements. Some of the given facilities include:

ATMs Check-in countersInformation counters
Banks Self-service kiosksLost & found department
Currency exchangeTicketing countersPet-friendly travel services
Family restroomsCancellations and refunds Mobile charging outlets 
Changing rooms Special service/assistanceAirport/Airline lounges 
Baby care services Unaccompanied minors Pre-boarding services 
Children’s play areaBaggage trolleys & cartsPriority boarding access
Meet & greet rooms Adequate baggage allowanceWifi and internet access 
In-flight entertainment Luggage wrapping Baggage storage

List of every Azur Air Terminal across the world

Crucial of Azur Air Terminal 1 at CEK

Azur Air uses the Terminal 1 at the Chelyabinsk Airport. It handles both the arrivals and departures of Azur Air, offering passengers a seamless transfer experience. 

Airport Name Aéroport de Tcheliabinsk
AirlinesAzur Air 
Airport AddressBalandino, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, 454133
Airport CodeCEK
Azur Air CEK terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Azur Air CEK terminal departuresTerminal 1
CityChelyabinsk Oblast
Airport Contact Number+7 351 778-38-88
Working Hours24 Hours
Official Azur Air Website
Azur Air YouTube Page
Azur Air Instagram Page
Azur Air VK Page
Azur Air Twitter Page

1. Azur Air reservations at the ticketing counters of Chelyabinsk Airport Terminal 1

Travelers who want to fly with Azur Air can book tickets at Azur Air CEK Terminal and book a reservation at their preferred destination. The ticketing counters are located at the departures terminal of Azur Air, with knowledgeable and friendly staff present to serve passengers and assist them with the booking procedures. Additionally, if you want any specific reservation information, please ask the persons available at those counters.

2. Azur Air cancellations and refunds at the Terminal 1 at the Chelyabinsk Airport

The need to cancel your reservation can sometimes occur, given the circumstances in our day-to-day lives. Well, Azur Air terminal at CEK allows passengers to cancel flights to or from the Chelyabinsk Airport at the ticketing counters. When you move forward with the cancellations, it becomes essential to read, learn, and understand the airlines’ cancellation policy and know if you are entitled to compensation or a full refund of your unused ticket.

3. Azur Air check-ins for flight departures from the Terminal 1 of the CEK

Passengers who have flights scheduled with Azur Air from the Terminal 1 of the airport can use several check-in methods. The methods include self-service kiosk check-in for independently completing the procedure and airport counter check-in for receiving system assistance. Regardless of the option you want to move forward with, getting to the airport on time and allowing enough time to go through the process is essential. 

4. Seat Upgrade/Class change options at the Azur Air Terminal 1 of the Chelyabinsk Airport

Passengers can upgrade seats and change their flight itinerary from Azur Air CEK Terminal. While upgrading your ticket during the reservations is favorable, you can still get it during check-ins. You will need to pay the extra amount to get an upgrade. You can get the following benefits of seat upgrades: additional in-flight entertainment options, access to wifi and internet, complimentary snacks, drinks, and food, enhanced seating space, etc.

5. Receive sufficient baggage allowance for your trip with Azur Air CEK Terminal 1. 

Azur Air offers sufficient baggage allowance to its passengers flying from the Chelyabinsk Airport Terminal 1. It allows passengers to pack quickly before their trip and avoid the hassle of removing items at the last minute. Suppose you need any particular information regarding the baggage allowance, rules, restrictions, and policy. In that case, you can walk to the help desks at the Azur Air terminal at CEK.

6. Information Conters: Seek assistance in case of any queries, confusions, and perplexities 

Azur Air CEK terminal arrivals and departures consist of information counters, which the agents of Azur Airlines operate. Suppose you are stuck at any given point from entering the airport. In that case, you can get to the information counters and seek help, answers, and assistance from the airline executives available at the desks. Additionally, you can also use the official website of Azur Air to get details about their customer service desk and contact the airline via chat or call.

The lost and found department at the Azur Air CEK Terminal helps passengers if they have lost their luggage, got damaged baggage, or if their luggage is delayed. Travelers should report all the issues mentioned to the lost and found desk for further assistance and help. If the passengers want, they can also use the official airline’s website to locate this service and report their issues. It’s important to note that it may take some time for the airline staff to revert you with the solution, given the circumstances of lost luggage. 

8. Avail Pet Travel Services by Azur Air if you want to fly with your four-legged companions. 

Pet travel service is specifically for passengers who want to travel with their four-legged friends from Azur Air terminal at CEK. To avail of this service, travelers should inform the airline before departure. There are specific rules and restrictions attached to pet travel. So, ensure to keep yourself in the loop with the details. The airlines will only allow your pet onboard if it’s not harmful to other passengers or crew members. Locate the “pet travel service” option on the official site of Aur Air to get into the details or particulars. Make sure to get a thorough knowledge of pet travel policy proposed by Azur Air. 

9. Book your child traveling alone under Unaccompanied Minor Service by Azur Air. 

Unaccompanied minor service is available to passengers from the Azur Air CEK terminal departures. This service is for minors traveling without or in the absence of their parents, legal guardians, or other adults. It allows your minor to have an escort throughout the journey who will assist the child with pre-boarding procedures, help him get to the boarding gates, and board the flight with him. The staff will look upon the needs and requirements of your child on board till he reaches his final destination.

10. Get Special Assistance if you need extra help or additional assistance during air travel. 

Azur Air CEK Terminal offers special assistance or accessibility services to passengers who require additional support, care, and attention. If you are one of the needy passengers who need exceptional help, you can avail of the service by contacting the customer service desk of Azur Air at the Chelyabinsk Airport Terminal 1. It’s essential to inform the airlines before booking this service, allowing them to arrange it for you on time. 

Parking Options at the Azur Air CEK Terminal – Chelyabinsk Airport

Several parking options are available at the Azur Air terminal of the Chelyabinsk Airport. It means passengers can drive to the airport without worrying about their vehicles. The parking options may include short-term parking, long-term parking, valet parking, reserved parking, etc. Depending upon your choices and preferences, you can select the available options and learn if any charges or costs are attached. 

The authorities available at the airport will assist you with the options and answer any questions you may have. So, please get in touch with the agents or customer service desk. 

Airline or Airport Lounges at the Azur Air Terminal of the CEK

Azur Air Terminal, the Chelyabinsk Airport, helps operate several airline/airport lounges. These lounges are accessible to passengers who are members of frequent flyer programs or passengers traveling on an upper-class ticket. You can access these lounges Depending on the class you are traveling in and other such factors. For more information regarding the eligibility criteria, please get in touch with your airline’s customer care department. 

Ground Transportation To/From Azur Air Terminal of the Chelyabinsk Airport

Ground transportation such as car rentals, taxi and bus service, public transportation, private transportation, rideshare services, etc are available for passengers at the Chelyabinsk Airport Terminal 1. It allows passengers to access numerous locations outside the airport within budget. Additionally, the Azur Air terminal at the CEK also offers inter-terminal transfer to passengers who want to connect to locations within the airport. 

Overall, if you ae flying to or from the Azur Air Terminal 1 at the Chelyabinsk Airport, it becomes easier for you to avail of the services, enjoy the in-flight entertainment options, and have a smooth and efficient arrival as well as departures. The friendly and knowledgeable staff of Azur Air ensures that passengers leave the airport satisfied and happy.

Azur Air CEK Aéroport de Tcheliabinsk Location Map

Answers to Queries!

What terminal is Azur Air at CEK? 

Azur Air uses the Terminal 1 at the Chelyabinsk Airport. 

Which is the departures terminal for Azur Air at the Chelyabinsk Airport?

The departures terminal for Azur Air at the Chelyabinsk Airport is the Terminal 1. 

Which is the arrivals terminal for Azur Air at the Chelyabinsk Airport?

The arrivals terminal for Azur Air at the Chelyabinsk Airport is Terminal 1. 

Does Azur Air CEK Terminal 1 offer Wi-fi/Internet access?

Yes, Azur Air terminal at the CEK offers wifi and internet services to its travelers. 

Is Azur Air at the Terminal 1 or the Terminal 2 of the Chelyabinsk Airport?

Azur Air is located at the Terminal 1 of the Chelyabinsk Airport and not the Terminal 1. 

Can I check in at the airport check-in counters for my flight from the Chelyabinsk Airport?

Yes, the passengers can check in for their scheduled departures with Azur Air at the airport check-in counters of the CEK Terminal 1.

Does Azur Air terminal of the CEK offer its passengers accessibility services? 

Yes, Azur Air terminal at the Chelyabinsk Airport offers accessibility services to passengers in need, such as handicapped passengers, passengers with physical impairments, and passengers with mobility issues. 

What parking options are available at the Azur Air Terminal 1 of the Chelyabinsk Airport?

Short-term parking and long-term parking are two convenient vehicle parking options at the Chelyabinsk Airport Terminal 1. 

What kind of services are available to passengers by Azur Air at the Terminal 1 of the Chelyabinsk Airport

Ticketing counters, Pet-friendly travel services, Cancellations and refunds, Mobile charging outlets, Special service/assistance, Airport/Airline lounges, Unaccompanied minors, Pre-boarding services, Priority boarding access, Adequate baggage allowance, Wifi and internet access, etc are some of the available services at Azur Air CEK Terminal 1.

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