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Brive–Souillac Airport

Air France is one of the well-known and reputable airlines in the industry, which provides passengers with all the necessary and luxurious services, offering a wide range of destinations across the globe. The airline offers different cabin classes, including Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class, catering to the individual preferences of the travellers. So, if you are planning your next trip with Air France BVE Terminal – Brive–Souillac Airport, there are quite a few things which you should take note of. And, this article will focus on those particular factors, enhancing your overall travel experience. 

Air France BVE Terminal Arrivals

Air France usually operates its arriving carriers at Terminal 1 from Brive–Souillac Airport, providing passengers with facilities such as baggage claim, customs and immigration, ground transportation, information desks, currency exchange and ATMs, food and beverages, restrooms, and ground transportation services.  

Air France BVE Terminal Departures

The departure of airline takes place from Terminal 1 at Brive–Souillac Airport, where passengers can find facilities such as several check-in counters and security checkpoints for the screening process, retail, and duty-free shops for buying exclusive items, boarding gate areas with ample seating space, and flight information displays.

Services at Air France terminal at BVE

There are some general facilities provided at the BVE Terminal, which ensures that the at airport requirements of the passengers are timely being met. From baggage claim at the arrivals area to the check-in counters and security screening at the departure level, everything from basic to advanced services is available at the BVE terminal. 

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that the services are subject to availability, which is why it’s recommended to get in touch with the airlines or the airport staff regarding the same. 

Airport PlazaTravellers AidATMs and Banks 
Baggage StorageWelcome CentreStores and Duty-free
Charging StationJFK Traveller CentreRestaurants and Cafes 
Medical OfficeVending MachinesFamily Restrooms
Paging SomeoneMeet and Greet US Customs 
Pet Relief AreaCurrency Exchange Immigration Services 
Ticket Counters Flight Information DisplayEscalators 
Check-in Counters Security Checkpoints Airline Lounges 

List of Every Air France Terminal Globally

What terminal is Air France at BVE – An Overview

The airline uses Terminal 1 at BVE for its domestic and international arrivals and departures. The airline makes sure to notify its passengers of any changes to the terminals before their scheduled arrivals and departures.

AirportBrive–Souillac Airport
Official Air France
Airport AddressRue de l’aéroport, 19600 Nespouls, France
Air France BVE Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
Air France BVE Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Airport Contact Number+33 5 55 22 40 00
Instagram Website
Youtube Website

General Facilities by Air France at Terminal 1, BVE

Air France provides a variety of amenities to its passengers arriving at or departing from the Air France Brive–Souillac Airport Terminal, allowing passengers to fulfil their at airport requirements at the airport. 

Reserve your Tickets with Air France at Terminal 1, BVE

The passengers wanting to travel with Air France can book themselves a reservation on their official website. Additionally, the passengers can either get in touch with a third party travel agent or with Air France at the designated ticket counters located in the Terminal 1 of the BVE. no matter which option you go with, you are always eligible to book your preferred class type, destination, etc. depending upon the availability of the same. 

Cancel your Tickets with Air France at BVE

To cancel your Air France ticket at BVE, go to a ticket counter at the Terminal 1 in order to speak with an Air France employee and provide them essential details such as your reservation number, destination, and other travel related documents so that they can cancel the reservation on your behalf. It’s crucial to keep in mind that cancellation policies and fines may differ depending on the type of ticket you booked or any other applicable terms and conditions of the airlines.

Upgrade Seats/Class with Air France at the Brive–Souillac Airport Terminal

Seat upgrades with Air France frequently include an array of extras, such as lounge access, additional in-flight amenities, onboard entertainment, and so on. Passengers can look for available upgrades on the airlines’ official website, and if they can’t find them, they can call the airline’s customer support. Furthermore, an airline agent will be ready to assist you with upgrade inquiries, offering you with an upgrade if available upon payment of the required price. 

Check-in for your Departing Flights at Terminal 1, BVE

To check in for your Air France flight, go to the official website and seek for the check-in option. To begin the check-in process, enter your reservation code and last name to find your flight and finish the online check-in process. You can also pick counter check-in at the airport with the assistance of airline workers or self-service kiosk check-in to check in yourself. 

Air France has a strict pet travel policy for its flights travelling to numerous destinations, on which animals are prohibited. Snub-nosed dogs and cats, such as Boxers, Pekingese, Shih Tzus, and Persian or Burmese cats, are allowed on Air France freight flights. Additionally, pets who are not cats or dogs won’t be allowed in cabin but in cargo, if the weight of the animal carrier exceeds the allowed weightage or if the destination doesn’t allow for pets in cabins. 

Lost and Found Desks at BVE Terminal

If you need assistance with delayed, damaged, or lost baggage at the airport’s terminal, you must contact Air France’s lost & found department at the Terminal 1, Brive–Souillac Airport. The representatives at the counter will assist you in reuniting with your baggage as soon as possible in the event of a lost item and will provide support in the event of delayed or damaged baggage. 

Information Desks at Air France terminal at BVE

Passengers who are confused about particular factors at the Air France BVE terminal at the Terminal 1 Brive–Souillac Airport can visit the information desks to get solutions regarding their questions. Representatives will be present at the information desks to guarantee that passengers receive quick assistance for any of their needs. They also offer assistance with in-flight amenities, airport services, and so on.

Special Assistance by Air France at Terminal 1

Special assistance is specifically meant for enhancing the travel experience of the passengers with limited mobility, physical issues, or passengers who are incapable of proceeding on their own through the airport’s procedures or boarding the flight. Special assistance provided by airline ensures to provide passengers of this kind proper assistance and make their comfort a priority. Special assistance includes facilities such as wheelchair assistance, stretcher assistance, etc. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service by Air France at BVE terminal

Children from age 4 to 11, who aren’t accompanied by their parents, guardians, or any adult for that matter should necessarily avail the unaccompanied minor service in order to ensure safety and security of the passenger. The person responsible for booking the child’s or the minor’s ticket should avail this service via the online platform of the airline and book the child for the same. This will allow the cold to have a secure journey till s/he reaches his destination. 

In-flight Entertainment Options by Air France from BVE Terminal

The airline offers a variety of in-flight amenities, such as access to television screens for binge viewing, private cabins, and complimentary meals and refreshments. Depending on their class type, travellers can take advantage of the numerous in-flight entertainment selections available to keep themselves entertained and engaged during their flight, specifically in the long-haul flights with Air France.

Air France BVE Brive–Souillac Airport Location Map


Air France is one of the renowned airlines in the industry, all thanks to its high-quality passenger services and like every other major airline, it has its own set of policies that passengers must rigorously follow. Furthermore, if the customer has any questions about the laws and regulations of travelling with the airlines, he or she must call the airline employees immediately and get the questions answered. 

Finally, we believe you understand what terminal Air France at BVE is and the services it gives to passengers on board. Furthermore, if you require assistance with your flying trip with the airlines, please contact them.


What terminal is Air France at BVE?

Air France uses the Terminal 1 at the Brive–Souillac Airport. 

Which Air France BVE terminal arrivals?

The airline operates its arrivals at the Terminal 1 at the Brive–Souillac Airport. 

Which Air France BVE terminal departures?

All the departing flights of the airline take place from the Terminal 1 at the Brive–Souillac Airport. 

Do Air France allow pets in their flights?

Yes, Air France allows pets in their flights but has a very strict pet travel policy which the passenger should be aware of. 

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