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Spirit Airlines uses Terminal 5 and Terminal TB – Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX Airport. Whilst both the Spirit Airlines LAX Terminal handles the arrivals of Spirit, the departures are only handled at the Terminal 5. Both the Terminals are well-equipped with modern day facilities, the passengers require at the airport.

Overview of Spirit Airlines LAX Terminal

Spirit Airline LAX Terminal is the designated hub for the low-cost carrier at Los Angeles International Airport. Operating primarily from Terminal 5, and secondarily from Terminal TB, Spirit offers budget-friendly domestic and international flights, catering to a diverse range of destinations. Passengers can enjoy essential services, efficient check-in options, and access to facilities within the Terminal, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Airport NameLos Angeles International Airport
Airport AddressLos Angeles, CA 90045, United States
Terminal NameTerminal 5 at Tom Bradley International Terminal
Distance From Los Angeles15 miles (24 km)
Airport CodeLAX
Ticket Counter Hours:Daily 24 Hours
CityLos Angeles
CountryUnited States
Contact Number+1 855-463-5252
Official Website of Spirit Airlines www.spirit.com

Spirit LAX Terminal 5

Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 5 is one of the nine passenger Terminals, which is one of the busiest airports in the United States. Terminal 5 primarily serves as the LAX Spirit Terminal arrival and departures, and is located on the north side of the Airport.

This Terminal offers a variety of amenities, including dining options, shops, lounges, and other passenger services and is equipped with TSA security checkpoints to ensure the safety of all passengers. Travellers flying with Spirit Airlines can check-in at the dedicated Spirit counters at Terminal 5, or they have the option to use online or mobile check-in. Terminal 5 is connected to other Terminals at LAX through the airport’s airside shuttle bus service. Additionally, this Terminal has multiple gates for boarding flights.

  • Boarding gates 50A, 50B, 51A, 51B, 53A, 53B, 54A, 54B, 55A, 56, 57, 58 and 59 are available for passenger use at this Terminal.

Spirit Terminal LAX TB – Tom Bradley Terminal

LAX Terminal B, also known as Tom Bradley International Terminal, serves as the LAX Spirit Terminal departure, and is situated at the western end between Terminal 3 and Terminal 4. This Terminal serves as the primary hub for international flights, accommodating over 10 million passengers annually.

However, it does handle some flights to and from Terminal 2. At the middle of the Terminal lies the central Great Hall, offering passengers premier dining, luxurious shopping, and access to club lounges. The Tom Bradley International Terminal provides a gateway to the world, welcoming travellers with top-notch amenities.

  • Boarding gates 130-134 are located in North Concourse and boarding gates 101-159 are in South Concourse. Additionally, the bus gates 136-146 are located here.


At LAX Terminal, Spirit Airlines offers passengers multiple check-in options for added convenience. Travellers can check-in online through the airline’s website or mobile app starting 24 hours before departure. Additionally, designated Spirit counters in the Terminal provide airport check-in services, and self-service kiosks offer a quick and hassle-free alternative. For passengers requiring assistance or with special requests, Spirit Airlines staff is readily available to provide support and guidance during the check-in process.

Baggage Policy

Spirit Airlines has a specific baggage policy for passengers travelling from Spirit Terminal at LAX. In order to avoid a higher fee, avoid taking excess weight. Additionally, make sure to adhere to the specified dimensions and weight restrictions as well. 

  • Carry-On Baggage: Spirit Airlines allows passengers to bring one personal item for free, such as a purse, small backpack, or laptop bag. The maximum dimensions for the personal item are typically 18 x 14 x 8 inches. 
  • Checked Baggage: Spirit Airlines charges a fee for checked baggage, and the fees vary based on the route, fare type, and when the baggage is purchased. Passengers are allowed to check up to five bags, with weight and size restrictions. 

Ways to Retrieve Spirit Boarding Pass at LAX Terminal 

At the Spirit Airlines Terminal LAX, the passengers have got multiple options to retrieve their boarding passes, which are as follows: 

1. Online method: the passengers can use the online method, prior to arriving at the airport. Online check-ins open 24 hours prior to arriving at the airport, before scheduled departure time. After completing the check-in process, passengers can easily download and print their boarding pass or save it on their mobile device.

2. Via Mobile App: for passengers who would love to proceed with a paperless option, can use the mobile application of Spirit Airlines for obtaining a digital boarding pass. After checking in online, passengers can access their boarding pass directly on their devices.

3. Through Self-Service Kiosks: passengers can use Spirit Airlines’ self-service kiosks located near the check-in area. By providing their booking details or scanning their ID or credit card, passengers can print their boarding pass. 

4. At the Airport Check-In Counters: If passengers are unable to check-in online or at self-service kiosks, they can visit Spirit Airlines’ check-in counters in the Terminal. Here, Spirit airlines staff will assist with the check-in process and provide the boarding pass.

List of Every Spirit Airlines Terminal Globally

Amenities Available at the Spirit Airlines Terminal LAX 

Apart from the basic at airport services, there are some additional amenities Spirit Airlines provides at its Terminal, giving passengers an opportunity to make changes to their itinerary and get timely assistance in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Lost & Found

The lost and found counters of Spirit Airlines helps passengers deal with the issues related to delayed baggage, damaged baggage, and lost baggage, ensuring that the passengers travel plans are not affected by the same. In case you meet with such a situation, you must inform the personnels available at these counters and seek timely assistance. This will allow you to have interruptions-free travel with the airlines. 

The passengers who wish to take their pets along with them on their flights with Spirit Airlines, can opt for the pet travel services provided by the airlines. This allows you to carry your four legged friends along. However, you must note that you should adhere to the rules and regulations put forth by the airlines, in order to avoid any complications. Additionally, it’s worth noting that not all destinations allow pets at the airports. 

Unaccompanied Minor Services 

For the parents who cannot accompany their kids along in Spirit Airlines flight can use the unaccompanied minor service for their children. This service provides assistance to the minor travelling alone, helping them with the check-ins till they disembark the plane. At all times, an airline personnel is available with the minor to help him/her out at every step of the procedure. This will not only ensure safety and security of the passenger but will keep the parents or guardians of the minor stress-free. 

Managing Booking

There are designated counters at the Spirit Airlines Terminal, which allows passengers to make last minute reservations, cancellations, or seat upgrades. So, if you fail to book a reservation online, you can do the same upon reaching the airport. Additionally, you can make changes to your itinerary or cancel your reservation if you no longer need to fly. However, it’s crucial to note that the airline has certain policies regarding the same, which you must follow to avoid any penalties or fees. 

How to Move to from Spirit Airlines Terminals at LAX Airport? 

Moving to or from Spirit Airlines Terminals at LAX Airport can be done efficiently with various transportation options. Here’s a guide to help travellers navigate the airport seamlessly:

  1. Inter-Terminal Shuttle: LAX Airport provides a complimentary shuttle service called the “Airline Connection” that operates between Terminals. Passengers can use this shuttle to transfer between Terminals, including moving to and from the Spirit Airlines Terminal.
  1. Walking: If the Terminals are relatively close, walking can be a viable option. LAX Airport is designed with pedestrian walkways and signs guiding passengers from one Terminal to another at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Spirit Airlines at LAX Terminal provides affordable and convenient air travel options for many destinations. They have easy ways to check-in, like using kiosks or doing it online. The Terminal has helpful staff and facilities to make your journey smooth and enjoyable. Whether you’re travelling within the country or to other places, Spirit Airlines at LAX Terminal is a great choice for a budget-friendly and comfortable flying experience.

LAX Airport Terminal Location Map

Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Airport Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the LAX Spirit Terminal arrival?

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal 5 and Terminal B – Tom Bradley International Terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Which is the LAX Spirit Terminal departure?

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal 5 for handling its departures at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

What Terminal is Spirit at LAX check-ins?

Spirit Airlines has check-in counters located at both of its Terminals at LAX; Terminal B and Terminal 5.

Can I bring a carry-on bag for free on Spirit Airlines flights?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows passengers to bring one personal item for free, such as a purse or small backpack.

What amenities are available at Spirit Airlines’ Terminal at LAX?

LAX Terminal offers a variety of amenities, including dining options, shops, and restrooms.

Does Spirit Airlines provide special assistance for passengers with disabilities?

Yes, Spirit Airlines offers special assistance services for passengers with disabilities or special needs.

How can I check-in for my Spirit Airlines flight at LAX Terminal?

Spirit Airlines offers online check-in through their website or mobile app, self-service kiosks at the airport, and check-in counters with dedicated staff at LAX Terminal.

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