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Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport

Whenever we look forward to covering an air trip, we all want a seamless and entertaining way to our destination. However, as there are so many things and important factors to consider beforehand, we must have specifics about the Play Airlines GOT Terminal. This allows us to reach the airport on time, finish the pre-boarding procedures, take care of the check-ins, and board our flights, without any disruptions. 

As easy as it may sound, keeping note of all these things sometimes becomes an irritating aspect, which is why you can use a guide to Play Airlines at the Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport to make your air travel as convenient as it can be. 

Play Airlines GOT terminal arrivals

Play Airlines uses the Main Terminal at the Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport for its arrivals.

Play Airlines Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport terminal departures

Play Airlines uses the Main Terminal at the Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport for its departures. 

Overview of What Terminal is Play Airlines at GOT

Play Airlines uses the Main Terminal at the Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport for its arrivals and departures. 

Airport NameGothenburg-Landvetter Airport
Play Airlines Airport Address438 80 Landvetter, Sweden
Airport CodeGOT
Play Airlines IATA CodeOG
Play Airlines ICAO CodeFPY
Airport Phone Number+46 10 109 31 00
Play Airlines GOT TerminalMain Terminal
Official Site
Facebook Page
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Assistance Offered by Play Airlines terminal at GOT

Play Airlines offers a range of services at the Main Terminal of Göteborg Landvetter Airport. This allows travelers to have access to their modern-day airport requirements. Some of the services or assistance offered by Play Airlines are as follows:

  • ATMs and Banks
  • Currency Exchange
  • Family Restrooms 
  • Baby Care Services 
  • Children Play Areas 
  • Food and Beverage Outlets
  • Customer Service Counters
  • Airport Lounges
  • Reservation Desks
  • Check-in Counters 
  • Security Checkpoints 
  • Self-service Kiosks 
  • Baggage Claim Carousels
  • Flight Information Displays 
  • Luggage Wrapping 
  • Special Assistance
  • Information Counters
  •  Lost and Found Desks
  • Pet Relief Area 
  • Departure Gates 
  • Shops and Retail Stores 

 A complete list of Play Airlines Terminal worldwide

Get an easy reservation experience at the Play Airlines GOT Terminal

Play Airlines has dedicated reservation counters at the Main Terminal of the GOT, particularly meant for travelers to have an easy booking experience right at the terminal. Passengers, along with their travel documents and the accepted mode of payment can reach the departures terminal and meet with an airline representative available at the reservation desk. The executive will help in providing you with information regarding the reservation and book a flight of your choice to your preferred destination. 

Cancellations are done easily with Play Airlines at the GOT terminal

Canceling your Play Airlines flight at the GOT terminal is super easy! The friendly staff there are always ready to help you. Whether you need to change your plans or cancel your booking, they make it simple and stress-free. Play Airlines cares about your time and satisfaction, so you can travel worry-free. Just head to the GOT terminal and let them assist you with any changes you need to make. Alternatively, if you want to learn about the cancellation policy of Play Airlines, you can visit the official airline’s website. 

Receive a Generous Bagagge Allowance with Play Airlines on flights from Göteborg Landvetter Airport terminal

Play Airlines provides a generous baggage allowance to all of its passengers. However, the allowance differs and depends upon several factors such as the type of ticket you have booked or the destination you are heading to. Usually, the passengers traveling on an upper class tickets get a higher allowance than the ones traveling in economy or regular class. So, whenever you are flying next with Play Airlines, ensure to get information from the airlines representatives about your individual allowance. 

Upgrade seats and fly with comfort at the Play Airlines Göteborg Landvetter Airport Terminal 

Upgrade your travel experience with Play Airlines GOT Terminal! Enjoy unparalleled comfort by upgrading your seats and making your journey truly memorable. Play Airlines’s dedicated staff at the terminal are there to assist you every step of the way. The upgraded seats ensure a relaxing and enjoyable flight. So, allow yourself to treat yourself to extra legroom, better amenities, and impeccable service. Don’t miss the opportunity to fly in style and comfort. Upgrade your seats and elevate your travel experience with Play Airlines. 

Instant Check-ins for your scheduled departure with Play Airlines at Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport terminal 

Play Airlines has self-service kiosks and airport check-in counters for passengers to complete their pre-boarding procedures. The travelers can experience comfort and convenience through this service as it helps them leave behind the hassle of long queues and waiting lines. With such helpful procedures, travelers can easily board their flights. The airlines’ dedicated staff at the terminal is ready to assist in such situations, ensuring a smooth air travel. 

Lost & found department for dealing with  lost, delayed, and damaged, luggage issues

The travelers can rest easy knowing that Play Airlines has a dedicated Lost and Found department to handle your lost, delayed, and damaged luggage issues. In the unfortunate event that your baggage goes missing or is delayed, the airlines’ experienced team at the airport is here to assist you. With their efficient service, you can report the issue and track your belongings, ensuring a quick resolution. Whether it’s a lost item or damaged luggage, Play Airlines’s Lost and Found department is committed to reuniting you with your belongings as swiftly as possible. 

Information counters/help desks to help passengers with their queries and confusion

Need help or have questions at the airport? Look for Play Airlines’s information counters and friendly help desks! The airline staff available at these desks is there to assist with anything you’re confused about. Whether it’s finding your way, knowing about flights, or any other question, just ask the executives. Your comfort and ease during your journey are important to us. So, don’t worry if you have any queries, head towards the lost and found counters and the staff will make sure to get you the needed help.

Fly with your pets on an Play Airlines flight to and from Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport Terminal

Travel with your furry friends hassle-free on Play Airlines! The airlines welcome pets on board your flights to and from the Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport Terminal. Your beloved pets will enjoy a safe and comfortable journey, just like you. The friendly staff at the terminal assist you with the necessary arrangements for your pet’s travel. Experience the joy of traveling with your pets, knowing they are in good hands with Play Airlines. Book your tickets and bring your pets along for a delightful journey. 

Seek special assistance including wheelchair and escort assistance from Play Airlines 

At Play Airlines, the customer care representatives prioritize the comfort and convenience of all passengers, including those requiring special assistance. If you or your loved ones need help, such as a wheelchair or escort assistance, the airline is readily available to support you. The dedicated staff is trained to provide compassionate care and ensure a smooth experience throughout your journey. Don’t hesitate to request special assistance when booking your ticket, and Play Airlines’s team will be ready to assist you at every step. 

Children traveling in the absence of parents/guardians? Seek Unaccompanied Minor Service

Traveling alone can be a big adventure for children. Play Airlines understands the importance of their safety and well-being. If your child is traveling in the absence of parents or guardians, consider Unaccompanied Minor Service. This service is specifically designed to ensure your child’s comfort and security throughout the journey. The caring staff will provide supervision, assistance, and support, making sure your child reaches their destination safely. You can relax knowing that your young traveler is in good hands. Give your child the confidence to fly independently.

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Information Hub!  

What terminal is Play Airlines at GOT?

Play Airlines uses Main Terminal at the GOT. 

Where are Play Airlines GOT terminal arrivals?

Play Airlines uses the Main Terminal at the Göteborg Landvetter Airport for its arrivals. 

Where are Play Airlines GOT terminal departures?

Play Airlines uses the Main Terminal at the GOT for its departures. 

What services are offered at Play Airlines terminal at GOT? 

A wide range of service is provided by Play Airlines at its’ Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport terminal such as reservation service, check-in options, information counters, unaccompanied minor service, etc. 

Does Play Airlines have lost and found department at Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport terminal?

Yes, Play Airlines has dedicated lost and found counters at the Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport terminal. 

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