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It’s helpful to be aware of particulars about Jeju Air PEK Terminal, whether you have an arriving flight with the airline or a departing one. Why? Well, because it helps you navigate the terminals without any hurdles, lets you avail of the necessary services, and make sure you go through the pre-boarding procedures correctly. All of such things contribute to smooth and easy air travel to your preferred destinations. 

Jeju Air PEK Terminal Arrivals

Arrivals for Jeju Air are handled by Beijing Capital International Airport’s Terminal 1.

Jeju Air PEK Terminal Departures

Departures for Jeju Air are handled by Beijing Capital International Airport’s Terminal 1.

Assistance by Jeju Air Terminal at PEK

An array of services are proposed to passengers at the Jeju Air terminal of the Beijing Capital International Airport. Some of the services or assistance provided are as follows: 

Baggage Claim Parking Facilities Children’s Play Area
Customs and Immigration Airport/Airline Lounges Meet & Greet Points 
Currency Exchange Restaurants and Cafes Boarding/Departure Gates 
Information Desks/CountersDuty-free Shops Luggage Wrapping Services 
Lost & Found Desks Car Rental Companies Public Transportation
Security Checkpoints Wifi/Internet ServicesPet Relief Areas 
Ground Transportation Medical Services Charging Stations/Outlets
Accessibility ServicesFood and Beverage Shops Luggage Trolleys 
Ticketing Counters Unaccompanied Minors Seat/Class Upgrade Options 

Complete List of Jeju Air Terminals Worldwide

Insight to What Terminal is Jeju Air at PEK

Jeju Air uses the Terminal 1 at the Beijing Capital International Airport. This terminal efficiently handles both departures and arrivals of the airlines, providing passengers with easy access to their desired location. 

Airport NameBeijing Capital International Airport
Jeju Air PEK Address3JH3+W6X, Shunyi District, Beijing, China
Airport CodePEK
Jeju Air PEK Contact No+86 10 96158
Jeju Air PEK terminal arrivalsTerminal 1
Jeju Air PEK terminal departuresTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Official Jeju Air
Jeju Air Facebook
Jeju Air Youtube
Jeju Air Instagram

1. Make a Flight Reservation with Jeju Air at PEK Terminal 1

Passengers can use ticket counters at the Jeju Air PEK Terminal to make a flight reservation with the airline. The airline personnels will inform you about the availability of seats, required travel documents, etc. For further information, please contact the airline personnels available at the airport’s terminal of Jeju Air. 

2. Make a Flight Cancellation with Jeju Air at Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 1 

Passengers who are no longer required to fly from the Jeju Air terminal at PEK can cancel their reservations with the airlines. If your reason for cancellation meets the airline’s rules and regulations, you will be entitled to a full refund of the unused portion of your ticket. However, if your cancellation doesn’t meet the requirements, you will be entitled to pay a compensation or penalty to the airlines. Please go through the cancellation policy of Jeju Air to know more. 

3. Upgrade your Jeju Air Flight Ticket/Seats at the PEK Terminal 1

Jeju Air allows its passengers to upgrade seats and fly on a higher-class ticket to their desired location. Seat upgrades are attached with certain charges, which the passenger needs to pay. There are different types of upgrades available that can be availed during the check-ins at the airport. Passengers can also look for seat upgrades on the official Jeju Air’s website. Please get in touch with the airlines’ executives for more information. 

4. Check-in for your scheduled departures with Jeju Air from Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 

Passengers can use self-service kiosk machines and airport check-in counters to check in for their scheduled departures at the Jeju Air PEK Terminal. Airlines representatives are available at both desks to help in case any assistance is required. If you want you can upgrade your seat during the check-ins or make changes to your itinerary. You can also look forward to the official site of Jeju Air for the same.

5. Baggage Allowance for reservations with Jeju Air from PEK Terminal 1

Passengers can carry a sufficient amount of checked baggage on flights from the Jeju Air terminal at PEK. In addition, carry-on luggage along with one personal item is also allowed on flights. However, if we talk about the specific allowance, then it entirely depends upon certain factors such as the location you are headed or the type of reservation you have purchased. Please go through the baggage policy of Jeju Air to get information on your particular allowance. 

6. Use Jeju Air Help Desks/Counters to seek answers to your queries and confusions

The help desks or information counters of Jeju Air help passengers deal with their air travel-related issues. Whether you look forward to having information regarding in-flight amenities, and entertainment, or simply require assistance at the airport regarding directions, at airport services, and much more. The customer care representatives available at these counters will resolve your issues, answer your queries, and make sure to provide immediate assistance. 

7. Locate the Lost & Found Department/Desk to get luggage assistance from Jeju Air

The lost and found counters at the Jeju Air PEK Terminal assist passengers with delayed, damaged, and lost luggage situations. If you encounter this issue during your arrivals or departures, head straight towards the lost & found department. The personnels available there will report your issue and take immediate action. If you want, you can also locate this service on the official website of Jeju Air. 

8. Avail Special Assistance or Accessibility Services; For passengers with mobility issues

Jeju Air terminal at PEK is a modern facility, which offers accessibility services or special assistance to the passengers who require it. This may include a wheelchair, stretcher, and escort assistance, along with some other services. Passengers or the responsible person for the passenger is required to book this service ahead of time, before the scheduled departures, allowing the airline to be prepared right on time upon your arrival at the airport. 

9. Travel freely with your pets on flights with Jeju Air from the Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 1

Jeju Air allows pets on its flights from the PEK Terminal 1 to several locations, whereas in some locations, pet travel is strictly prohibited. Pets such as small birds, cats, dogs rabbits, may be allowed to travel on Jeju Air flights on an airline-approved pet carrier. For more information on the same, read the pet travel policy on the official Jeju Air website or seek particulars from the airline’s office available at the airport. 

Minors traveling without their parents, adults, or any legal guardian should necessarily avail of Unaccompanied minor service from flights from the Jeju Air PEK Terminal. The airline does not allow minors to travel in the absence of any responsible adults. This service needs to be booked during the time of reservation so that the airline can provide necessary services to the minor. 

Parking Options Available at Jeju Air Terminal of Beijing Capital International Airport 

Jeju Air terminal at the PEK is manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of the passengers, which is why it offers several services and amenities. One of the many services is the available parking options at the airport’s terminal. Passengers can access long-term parking, short-term parking, valet parking, reserved parking, etc at the airport’s terminal. 

Furthermore, if you require detailed information on the available options, associated fees, etc. please get in touch with the airport authorities or visit their information counters. 

Ground Transportation Options from Jeju Air PEK Terminal 

Passengers who want to move to and from the Jeju Air PEK terminal can use the available ground transportation options. This may include car rental services, taxi services, bus services, ride-share services, public transportation, private transportation amongst others. 

You can locate these services outside the terminals. For a detailed analysis, please visit the help desks available nearby.

Jeju Air (PEK) Beijing Capital International Airport Location Map

Helpful Answers!

What terminal is Jeju Air at PEK?

Jeju Air operates its flights to and from the Terminal 1 of the Beijing Capital International Airport. 

Which is the Jeju Air PEK Terminal?

Jeju Air uses the Terminal 1 at the Beijing Capital International Airport. 

Where are Jeju Air PEK terminal arrivals?

Jeju Air handles its arrivals at the Terminal 1 of the Beijing Capital International Airport. 

Where are Jeju Air PEK terminal departures?

Jeju Air handles its departures from the Terminal 1 of the Beijing Capital International Airport. 

What services are offered by Jeju Air terminal at the PEK?

Ticketing services, cancellations and refunds, check-in options, pet travel services, food and beverage outlets, help desks, lost and found counters, parking options, etc are available at Jeju Air terminal at the PEK. 

Does the Jeju Air terminal at the PEK offer wifi or internet access?

Yes, Jeju Air terminal at the PEK offers its passengers wifi and internet access, allowing them to access important mail, texts, etc. 

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