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Baghdad International Airport

There are many factors to consider when you are travelling by plane to various areas, regardless of how experienced you are at the same, you still fall under unforeseen situations due to lack of information. For air travel to domestic and foreign areas, every airline has its own set of rules. But today, we’ll particularly focus on Emirates Airlines BGW Terminal and provide you an insight to the same. 

What Terminal is Emirates Airlines at Baghdad International Airport?

The Emirates terminal Baghdad International Airport is Terminal 1 caters to different needs of the passengers, serving them with both international and domestic flights to a number of destinations. As Emirates is known for its expanded network and for its exceptional passenger services, it’s crucial to adhere to the guidelines of the airlines, in order to have the best air travel experience with them.

Also, Emirates Airlines Arrival terminal BGW and Emirates Airlines departures at BGW takes place from the same terminal only, where there are different levels and boarding gates located, allowing passengers access to all the facilities and modern amenities the airport and the airline has to offer at the areas. 

Facilities served at Emirates Baghdad International Airport Terminal

The services and amenities offered to passengers at the airport terminal never disappoint them as it allows for passengers to fulfil their individual requirements at the airport and during their journey with Emirates. The terminal serves people of all ages along with all the genders, which makes it an efficient place for everyone to embark their journey from. Some of the basic services you can find at the Emirates Terminal 1, BGW are as follows: 

  • ATMs for retrieving cash and banks for related queries. 
  • Gender specific restrooms and family restrooms as well. 
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes, to access food and drinks, at the airport.
  • Currency exchange services for internationally travelling passengers.
  • Interfaith chapels and prayer rooms for passengers of different religions.
  • Duty-free stores at the shopping malls for accessing tax free accessories.
  • Inter-terminal transportation options for accessing the locations within the airport.
  • At airport ticket counters for reservations, cancellations, seat upgrades. 
  • Self-service kiosk check-in facilities along with counter check-in services. 
  • Baggage storage, baggage wrapping, and baggage allowance facilities. 
  • Baby care rooms along with breastfeeding areas for lactating mothers. 

List of Every Emirates Airlines Terminal Around the World

Overview of Emirates Airlines Baghdad International Airport terminal

Emirates Airlines operates with care at the BGW Terminal 1, providing travelers with a safe and sound journey from the airport to their preferred destination. so, whenever you plan to travel with Emirates, you are sure to receive exceptional services and you are likely to arrive at or depart from the same terminal, which is located at the Baghdad International Airport. 

Airport Name Baghdad International Airport
Official Websitewww.baghdad-airport.com
Official websitewww.emirates.com
Airport Addressنهاية Airport St, Baghdad, Iraq
BGW Emirates Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
BGW Emirates Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Emirates Airlines ICAO CodeUAE
Emirates Airlines IATA CodeEK
Airport Contact Number+9647901403537
Official YouTubewww.youtube.com/user/EMIRATES
Official Twittertwitter.com/emirates
Official Facebookwww.facebook.com/Emirates
Official Instagramwww.instagram.com/emirates

Book Reservations 

Emirates Airlines provides passengers with a few options to book their reservations with the airlines, then be it the domestic or the international ones. So, the first and the most convenient option, the traveller has got is to book the tickets online via the official website of Emirates Airlines. Next, the passenger can choose to book their tickets by contacting a third party travel agent or by calling the airlines directly, to book on your behalf. Lastly, the passenger can visit the ticket counters of Emirates terminal Baghdad International Airport to book the reservation in person. 

Cancel Reservations

The passenger can cancel his/her reservation through the same method as they chose to reserve their tickets. But it’s crucial to note that not all cancellations come with a full refund, but also with a compensation or a cancellation fee. Nevertheless, the airlines will only accept your request for a full refund, when the reason for cancellation strictly meets the guidelines of the airlines. So, make sure to gather full information about the cancellation policy of the airlines in order to avoid paying a penalty. 

Seat Upgradations 

The passengers can upgrade seats any time before their scheduled departure time from the Emirates BGW terminal, either during the time of booking a ticket, after booking a ticket by managing bookings, or directly at the airport at the ticket counters of Emirates Airlines. Nevertheless, no matter what option you choose, you will only be eligible for an upgrade, if there is availability of seats/class in the Emirates flight you are going to travel to.

Baggage Allowance 

Emirates Airlines provides an adequate baggage allowance to its passengers, you can carry as many bags as you want to up until the total weight of those bags doesn’t exceed the said limit by the airlines. Here’s an overview of the baggage allowance: 

Class Type Special ClassSaver ClassFlex Class Flex Plus Class
Economy 20 kg25 kg 30 kg35 kg 
Class TypePremium Economy Business ClassFirst Class 
Baggage Allowance 35 kg40 kg50 kg

The price concept to travel to America and Africa with Emirates Airlines is as follows. And, for flights between the United States of America and Europe. Additionally on flights within the Americas has the baggage allowance as follows: 

Class TypeEconomy Premium Economy Business ClassFirst Class 
Baggage AllowanceOne Piece up to 23 kg (for special fares)Two piece up to 23 kg (for saver, flex, and flex plus)2 pieces up to 23 kg2 pieces up to 32 kg 2 pieces up to 32 kg

Information Desks 

The information desks at Emirates Baghdad International Airport terminal allows passengers to file their queries regarding their air travel issues. For instance, if you want to seek any sort of assistance or want to know your flight status, or you are looking for a personalised service such as special assistance, etc but you do not know how to do it, you can visit the information desks and seek help from the airline representatives. The staff will ensure to help you out with the procedures of the said. As a result, it will allow you to have a seamless travel experience.

Pet Travel Service 

To travel with your pets on an Emirates Airlines flight, the passenger will need to submit an online application form to proceed. The form needs to be filled at least one week of the scheduled departure time of the passenger, so that the airlines can timely inform the passenger about their policies regarding pet travel and how the pet should be carried in the flight. Additionally, the passenger must note that the length, width, and height of the pet carrier in which the pet is being carried should not exceed the dimensions of 300 cm or 119 in and the pets will be carried as cargo by the airlines. 

Lost & Found Desk

The passengers often meet with unforeseen situations before, during, or after their flights, specifically when it’s about their items. So, if you are one of those passengers who have unfortunately gone through issues such as damaged baggage, delayed baggage, or any lost item while you are travelling with Emirates, the airlines request you kindly inform the lost and found desk at the Emirates Airlines BGW terminal, and give proper details about your issue. In case of lost items, the passenger must provide accurate identification details so the staff can reunite the passenger with their baggage at the earliest. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service 

Unaccompanied minor service is for under age passengers who are travelling alone in an Emirates Airlines flight. The children who are between five to eleven years fall under this category and must be accompanied by their parent guardian or any other known adult on the flight. However, if the parents or the guardian fails to do so, they must request the airlines for unaccompanied minor service, as the children are not allowed to travel alone on the flights. This will allow for your child’s safety and security, and will ensure that your child is having a fun time during his or her flight. 

Ground Transportation System at Emirates Terminal, Baghdad International Airport

The passengers who look forward to moving between the terminals at the TUN can use the AirTrain system, for which the stations are located near short term parking areas of each terminal at the Baghdad International Airport. Additionally, the passengers who want to travel outside of the airport’s terminal, can use the other transportation options such as car rental services, public or private transportation systems, uber, lyft, subway, transfers, and taxi services, and bus services as well. 

All these transportation options allow the passengers to access the nearby cities or local attractions and activities, without having to hustle and wait for hours. The passengers can access transport to the city outside of the terminals, as there are several companies located for the same. 


Doesn’t matter if you are at the Emirates Airlines Arrival terminal TUN or at the departures terminal of Emirates at the same destination, you will be treated and greeted with utmost professionalism by the airlines, ensuring that you have a smooth air travel experience. Furthermore, if you have any queries or you seek any assistance, there are designated desks located at the Emirates Airlines terminal, which will help you with your individual needs and will serve you at any given time. 

Emirates Airlines Baghdad International Airport Terminal Location Map

Frequently Asked Question

1. What terminal is Emirates Airlines at BGW?

Emirates Airlines operates its arrivals and departures from Terminal 1 at BGW.

2. What are the parking options available at Emirates Airlines BGW Terminal?

There are several parking lots available at Emirates Airlines terminal at Baghdad International Airport. 

3. What car rentals are available at BGW Departures Terminal 1?

There are several car rental companies located at the departures terminal of Emirates Airlines at the BGW.

4. Does Emirates allow pets on its flight to and from BGW, Terminal 1?

Yes, Emirates Airlines allows for pet travel on its flights to and from BGW, Terminal 1.

5. What are the transportation options available at Emirates Terminal 1, BGW?

AirTrain, Transfers, Subway, Bus, Taxi, and Train are some of the options available to passengers at Emirates terminal at BGW.

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