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Anyone will feel overwhelmed when they are confronted with a busy terminal, especially when they are so occupied with other flight-related issues, too. In such situations, all one may desire is to have a guide who can show them the way to every location at the terminal. Well, now, you actually have one in the form of this detailed guide to Air France LYS Terminal.

It contains several essential information about the terminal such as its location, amenities, services, and other features. It will help you navigate the terminal without losing track. Hence, whenever you feel stuck somewhere at the terminal, you will always find your way back with the guidance of this manual.

What terminal is Air France at LYS – An Overview

The airline uses Terminal 1 at LYS for its domestic and international arrivals and departures. The airline makes sure to notify its passengers of any changes to the terminals before their scheduled arrivals and departures.

AirportLyon–Saint Exupéry Airport
Official Air France
Airport Address69125 Colombier-Saugnieu, France
Air France LYS Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
Air France LYS Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Airport Contact Number+33 826 80 08 26
Instagram Website
Youtube Website

Amenities At Air France LYS Terminal

The Air France offers a wide range of amenities, such that you won’t have to look anywhere else outside the airport. The following list will give you a brief insight into these features.

  • Duty-free shops
  • Restaurants
  • Lounges
  • Wi-fi connection
  • Pet relief areas
  • ATMs and Banks
  • Emergency medical service
  • Currency exchange
  • Special services
  • Lactation suites

Services You Can Receive At LYS Terminal

Beyond the amenities mentioned, there are also some essential services without which traveling at the terminal can’t be imagined. Let’s have a look at them.

The Check-In Desks

These are the crucial starting points of your flight journey. You will find the check-in desks at the departures level. This is where you will make your entry and declare yourself to be available to attend your flight. Make sure you provide them with accurate travel details to the officials at the check-in counters.

Security Checkpoints

The security screening is another major checkpoint that you need to pass to board your flight. You can find it after checking in with your flight at the departure level. The security officials here will screen you and your belongings with metal detectors. It is to identify if you aren’t carrying any items that are hazardous or prohibited to take to the destination you are going to. Once this procedure is done, you can move forward with other flight tasks.

Information Counters

Although not always needed, it is a necessary service at the terminal. You never know when you will need more information or guidance with your air trips. You can get any information related to your flight from here, such as your flight schedule, baggage information, pet travel guidelines, and more. Feel free to visit these information booths whenever you need to know more about your flight travel.

Baggage Storage

It is difficult to move around the airport terminal with your luggage in your hands. It will be better if you store your luggage in the storage spaces available at the terminal. This will make it easier for you to perform your flight processing. Later, when you are ready to board your flight, you can collect your baggage from there.

Immigration Centers

For those arriving on an international flight, they need to pass through immigration. It is like a security check for the arriving passengers, where their documents and other essential travel documents are checked. The officials here ensure you are not taking any illegal item with you to the country.

Lost And Found

For all the forgetful passengers out there, this would be your favorite place. For all baggage queries, such as inquiring about delayed luggage, receiving damaged belongings, or losing your items at the airport, the lost and found center is your stop.

Do you feel some complexity from your trips to have faded after reading this comprehensive manual about the Air France LYS Terminal. Why not? This guide has everything you need to traverse the terminal with very little effort. You can keep it by your side throughout your journey to stay guided.


What terminal is Air France at LYS?

Air France uses the Terminal 1 at the Lyon–Saint Exupéry Airport. 

Which Air France LYS terminal arrivals?

The airline operates its arrivals at the Terminal 1 at the Lyon–Saint Exupéry Airport. 

Which Air France LYS terminal departures?

All the departing flights of the airline take place from the Terminal 1 at the Lyon–Saint Exupéry Airport. 

Do Air France allow pets in their flights?

Yes, Air France allows pets in their flights but has a very strict pet travel policy which the passenger should be aware of. 

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